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Current release is 2.1.6 (21 Nov 2014).

Users who have not yet upgraded to 2.1 should get security release (1 Nov 2014). We will stop providing these security releases to 2.0 at the end of this year.

[Documentation] How can I hide the right column ( Panel ) from Guests ?

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Hi guys,

I'm still very new to Vanilla Forums. and need some help.

I would like to make my forum to be a closed community which only registered users can see everything.

I unchecked everything at the Guest Role Setting page ( ) so guests can only see the header/footer, title logos, basic menu and log in/register forms. Until this part, I have no problem. Vanilla is perfect.

But here's the thing I have to solve.

Guests can still see the whole right column ( id="Panel" ). But I would like to show GuestBox ( id="GuestBox") only for guests in the right column. And hide the rest of right column from guests.

Is anyone can tell me how to do it ? I'm only a frontend designer and very little experience with PHP or any programming.

So any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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    Hi UnderDog,

    Thank you very much for your reply. But I'm still wondering what to be written in "Show the Panel Asset" part of default.master.php.

    $Session = Gdn::Session();
    if ($Session->IsValid())
    Show the Panel Asset
    } else
    Show only the Guest Box asset

    My code is like this now.

    $Session = Gdn::Session();

    if ($this->Menu) {
    $this->Menu->AddLink('Linktitle', T('About'), '/categories/office');
    //$this->Menu->AddLink('Linktitle', T('Topics'), '/categories/all');
    $this->Menu->AddLink('Dashboard', T('Admin'), '/dashboard/settings',

    if ($Session->IsValid()) {
    $Name = $Session->User->Name;
    $CountNotifications = $Session->User->CountNotifications;
    if (is_numeric($CountNotifications) && $CountNotifications > 0)
    $Name .= ' < span class="Alert" >'. $CountNotifications.'';

    if (urlencode($Session->User->Name) == $Session->User->Name)
    $ProfileSlug = $Session->User->Name;
    $ProfileSlug = $Session->UserID.'/'.urlencode($Session->User->Name);
    $this->Menu->AddLink('User', $Name, '/profile/'.$ProfileSlug, array('Garden.SignIn.Allow'),
    array('class' => 'UserNotifications'));
    $this->Menu->AddLink('SignOut', T('Sign Out'), SignOutUrl(), FALSE, array('class' =>
    'NonTab SignOut'));

    } else {
    $Attribs = array();
    if (SignInPopup() && strpos(Gdn::Request()->Url(), 'entry') === FALSE)
    $Attribs['class'] = 'SignInPopup';
    $this->Menu->AddLink('Entry', T('Sign in'), SignInUrl($this->SelfUrl), FALSE, array('class' => 'NonTab'), $Attribs);
    echo $this->Menu->ToString();

  • UnderDogUnderDog Moderator
    edited April 2012

    Scroll waaayyy down in that same default.master.php file.

    Try to find the word 'Assed' in that same file. It's close to the


    div id="Panel">It's usually something like $this->RenderAsset('Panel')

    Apply the code I showed above:

    if ($Session->IsValid()) { $this->RenderAsset('Panel'); } else { $this->RenderAsset('GuestBox'); }

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    Hi UnderDog,

    Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

    But I still have problems...

    I tried it. but GuestBox is included in Panel. And I don't know how to separate them.

    One more thing is that my right column includes other extra things that I added to default.master.php like Facebook Like box or Google Adsense Ads. Those things makes this right column very long... so I need to hide them together with 'Panel' from Guests.

    Is there any way that I put those extra things into "Panel".


    Is there any easy simple code you can write to hide them ? I need some simple code which surround something to hide it from guests.

    I tried to use the code you showed me above like...

    if ($Session->IsValid())

    but it ended up with errors...

    Hope you get what I'm trying to explain here. I wish I knew some PHP...but I don't. Need your help.

    Thank you,

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