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Why does sign out not work?

edited April 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 Help

Occasionally I've noticed that the Sign Out doesn't work on my forum. I'm on The only way to sign out then is to clear out the browser cache.

Does anyone know why this would happen?

It doesn't happen all the time but is quite frequent to be annoying.



  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff

    There's no known bugs with signout, but there is something that could be going wrong.

    If you visit your site with different subdomains then you could have a problem. Let's say you were to visit somedays and other days. If you don't have an explicit cookie domain set up then your session cookie will always be readable, but not always be writeable. And if your cookie isn't writeable then you won't be able to sign out.

  • Todd, thanks for your response.

    I had this problem a few days ago, and I had resolved it by using the following entry in my configuration file:

    $Configuration['Garden']['Cookie']['Domain'] = '';

    So what should I do to permanently fix this issue? Am I doing something wrong?

    I can still live with the problem, but users shouldn't face this issue.

    Thanks again.

  • Sorry for bumping this thread, but can someone help please? This issue is still unresolved.

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