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[Solved] Installation Error: Gdn_Validation (Core

edited April 2012 in Questions

Hi All,

Details: As I wish to install a forum on my website so I have downloaded the Vanilla zip installation file. By unzipping, I got "vanilla-core-2-0-18-4" under which was another folder called "vanilla" with folder like application, cache etc. I have uploaded all of the contents of this "vanilla" folder to my public_html folder on my web hosting (Unix) as I want a forum when a user visit my website. I have followed all the instruction as given on the step-by-step installation process at and also checked for my php configuration for all requirements given at . All requirements were met.

Error: When I visit my website in order to activate the installation process, I just see an error like this on my web url : Fatal error: Class 'Gdn_Validation' not found in /home/autonomo/public_html/applications/dashboard/controllers/class.setupcontroller.php on line 109

What could be the issue and how to solve it? Can anybody help me?



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