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Need to remove ProfileLink

422422 Developer MVP
edited April 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 Help

Doing new theme, and this is my code snippet below.

if ($Discussion->LastCommentID != '') {
               echo '< span class="LastCommentBy"> < span class="repliedBy">'.UserPhoto($Last).'</ span>'.'</ span>';
               echo '< span class="LastCommentDate">'.Gdn_Format::Date($Discussion->LastDate).'</ span>';
            } else {
               echo '< span class="LastCommentBy">'.sprintf(T('Started by %1$s'), '< span class="showNew"> </ span>'.UserAnchor($First)).'</ span>';
               echo '< span class="LastCommentDate">'.Gdn_Format::Date($Discussion->FirstDate);
               if ($Source = GetValue('Source', $Discussion)) {
                  echo ' '.sprintf(T('via %s'), T($Source.' Source', $Source));
               echo '</ span>';

The issue is the Userphoto is yanking in the a href link, which has class :


I need to remove this from my code, What I am doing is...

On Discussions page, main index ( that is )

I have original poster avatar displayed, and within it, I have the last poster avatar ( smaller version ) displayed.
I still need the href on the original posters avatar , but want to strip the href of the LastCommentBy userphoto..

Can you think of what I can do to fix ?

Because the href link that wraps the photo..stuffs up my styling

< a class="ProfileLink" href="/theme/profile/1/admin" title="admin">
    < img class="ProfilePhotoMedium" alt="admin" src="">
< /a>

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