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One Computer to Rule them all!

edited April 2006 in Questions
Apple announces Boot camp, support for booting Windows on an intel mac:


  • Yeah, pretty much
  • oh my god. *scrounges round his newly empty account to try and get enough money for a mac mini
  • I'm actually really happy my iBook's motherboard got fried for the third time, now I have an excuse to buy a MacBook Pro, yay!
  • Testing it out on my iMac now, wish me luck :) Not that its for anything but the occasional Half-Life 2 or Sin Episodes game or IE testing. Not a big fan of Windows anymore since getting my two Macs and will do my best to rest dual booting - Mac software needs support!
  • Good luck jeffbax... let us know how it turns out. Thinking further into the future: Well, if this is just the beginning, and Leopard includes some kind of symultaneous virtualisation (rather than dual boot, like Boot Camp) then what's the future relevancy of terms like 'Operating System' and 'market share' when Apple's machines can run all software (assuming Linux drivers etc also included). Maybe it's just an assumption, but it would certainly be a paradigm shift. Especially with web apps and all. Things are a changing. At any rate, this Boot Camp is a big announcement and I just bought a small amount of Apple shares last week. Happy days. It won't make me rich tho.
  • edited April 2006
    Whether I step up to a Macbook in the next few months will be entirely determined by whether they end up using the same crappy integrated video chip as the mac mini, or the awesomeTM one in the iMac/Macbook Pro.
  • Yeah I'm hoping they don't skimp on the new iBook (aka MacBook).
  • I am getting a MacBook Pro next month, but I don't use Windows. I have never had a use for it. I will probably install it and give it a whirl, but my entire workflow has been optimised for my osx apps. A great step for Apple though. I assume they will gain a fairly solid piece of marke share when it is all tested, working and properly released. A big step in the right direction I think.
  • Does anyone have any benchmarks as to how a BootCamp-enabled macbook pro does in comparison to other core duo laptops?
  • I've been follow and no mentions of any stats yet. But it was only released about 12 hours ago...
  • Yeah, but I have a strong feeling they'll be cropping up soon. I'm especially interested in game-related benchmarks...
  • Now if they would just make it so that I could choose any Graphics card to my Mac it would be all good. It would definedly be bye bye to PC for me and my friends (we have been talking alot about hopping to Mac but the matter of games and gaming in general on Mac has kept them away from Macs).
  • At first I thought he must read this forum and pinched my title, but no, this is an old article (07/05) that has merely been updated to include Apple's BootCamp announcement. I must have read it before and subconsciously remembered it when posting here. Hmmm, the power of the subconscious mind! Interesting points, like a lot of his articles (see the one on ideas for re-designing the Finder/Desktop).
  • I still fear it's one step closer to Apple leaving the OS arena behind and going hardware-only ... with Windows becoming Apple's new OS. Paranoid? Sure, but I'd hate to see the day. Sorry, but I'd prefer to be able to buy OSX for x86 and boot Windows off every machine on earth than see Windows running on a pretty Mac box.
  • I love how the Bootcamp logo is a perfect blend of the OS "X" and Windows logos. Slick Apple.
  • Things are hotting up here. VIrtualisation beta already from a third party company. There were rumours of this a couple of days ago, and then Apple came out with BootCamp. Were they forcing Parallels' hand (and vice versa)? DigitalLink: I don't think we have anything to fear there. Apple want to be a wholistic company providing soft/hard/ware. At least that's what I think, but I'm obviously not privy to any insider info. And have you seen Pirates of Silicon Valley? Even tho Jobs conceded the OS wars long ago, I think he wants Microsoft blood, rightly or wrongly! (That's a joke by the way, but I think it's more or less true).
  • edited April 2006
    I still fear it's one step closer to Apple leaving the OS arena behind and going hardware-only ... with Windows becoming Apple's new OS.
    Thankfully, that's retarded, as are predictions that we're any closer to legit OS X on commodity hardware.
  • Yeah, so Half-Life 2 finally hits my Mac ;) Operation Successful! Best part, one installer for ALL drivers, no bloatware, just crisp as XP can be... cept the 40 or so service pack updates I had to get and the like 5 reboots :p
  • edited April 2006
    Completely offtopic: I saw a guy today wearing a "C-Unit" jersey. I'd have snapped a photo but I didn't have my phone on me at the time.

    I'm sure it's a popular reference that I'm totally missing.
  • haha. jersey.
    You sure it wasnt g-unit?
  • Sure it wasn't G-Unit, eiiighht! But I think C-UNiT just about sums up the gangsta hoodie posse a lot better ;-)
  • edited April 2006
    Maybe, dunno. Coulda sworn it was a C.

    So, um, what the hell is a G-Unit?
  • edited April 2006
    lol, it's a rap group. You can unit-ify lots of letters, p-unit, c-unit, z-unit, e-unit.

    It's headed up by 50 Cent, who is flattering portrayed in the picture below -

  • I am so totally out of the loop...
  • that looks quite a lot like x to the z aswell. How surprising. Not.
  • That cnet one made *no* sense at all. Photoshop runs faster as a native windows app than as a rosetta-translated mac app? HOLY CRAP STOP THE PRESSES.
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