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[Solved] Allow moderators to approve new applicants

talaysentalaysen New
edited April 2012 in Questions

I'm trying to find a way to allow moderators to approve new applications without giving too much access to administrative privileges.

I tried checking 'applicant' and 'application' under 'Roles & Permissions' for the Moderator rank. Once logged in to a moderator account, I could see that there was a pending application, but when I clicked on the 'Applicant' link, it said that there was a permission issue.

I want my moderators to be able to approve applications, but I don't want moderators to be able to change users roles. (I've noticed that the role-change feature is just too powerful, and would allow someone with that privilege to change an admin to normal user or promote a normal user to admin at whim.)



  • I worked it out.

    'Application' gives access to enabling/disabling applications for Vanilla. Moderators would need to have 'Applicant' and [Users] 'Approve'

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