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Trouble with jsconnect - "Test URL" works but I can't get the actual sign in to work

edited May 2012 in Questions

I am trying to create a single sign in for an embedded forum and I might very well be deep in over my head. As the title says I have gotten the "Test URL" working, but I can't get the actual sign in to work.

I am trying to trouble shoot it, it but I need help understanding how the jsconnect works.

First: I am not sure about what url I should have under "Sign in Url" (or "Register Url"). Is it the url for the "single sign in"-page (in my case joomla) or for my vanilla forum?

Second: I can't understand when the authentication URL is invoked. When I hold the mouse over the "Sign in with ..." I only see the "Sign in url" and when I have tried with my "single sign in" page the only result was that I ended up on the "single sign in" page, no user created or logged in. Am I doing something wrong, how should it work?

Sorry if I am not to the point, slightly tired :) Tnx in advance!


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