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Optimizing full wordpress comment integration (comment order, auto truncate, double embed)

edited May 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 Help

The background: I am setting up a vanilla discussions page where users can obviously create their own discussions. I am also using the vanilla forums wordpress plugin to integrate comments. I am doing this on a page I have been running for a few months and already has a fair amount of content in the form of blog posts.

(1) When I view an existing blog post for the first time since comment integration was turned on, it creates a new discussion for it on the discussions page. It then shows the same comments within that discussion on both the blog post and the discussion page. This is excellent. However, on the discussion page, replies are displayed with oldest first, and on the blog post replies are displayed with newest first. I would like them both to be oldest first -- is there a way to customize this?

(2) On the discussion page that is automatically generated by viewing a new post, Vanilla displays either the first paragraph or the first 400 characters (whichever is shorter) of the content of the blog post. Is there a way to default to displaying the entire blog post?

(3) On the same page, it displays a thumbnail of my blog's .png header image. This is unnecessary and I would like to remove it. Can I?

(4) On the same page, it says the title (in the format "Blog Post Title << Blog Name") and then below that displays the permalink to the post. I can click on either of these (title or permalink) to see the original page. However, when I do so it embeds inside of itself -- so my wordpress blog page is embedded inside of my vanilla discussions page which is embedded inside my wordpress page. Can I change it so that these links open on a new page and go straight to the permalink without embedding?

(5) On the blog post page, at the bottom, the text field for entering a new comment is located above where the existing comments are displayed. Assuming I can change the display order (as mentioned in my first question), can I change the location to display below the comments?

A HUGE THANK YOU for any help anyone can provide! I've been digging around the .js and .php files trying to figure out what governs this stuff, but I'm a novice when it comes to anything like this and don't think I'll be able to figure it out on my own!


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