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Discussion Support/Status options

edited May 2012 in Questions

I'm trying to create a support theme and wondering if there is a plugin or method for adding options to control the status of a discussion? Like "In Progress", "Not Resolved", and "Resolved". Or "Answered" and "Unanswered". Something like the community forum here.

Thanks a ton for any info that can be provided!!

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  • Thanks a bunch for both answers. Looks like I can use a bit of both to achieve what I'm needing!

  • I guess the problem I'm seeing with the Q&A plugin .. is the user selects if the answer is correct. The objective is only giving the admin or moderator ability to mark the entire discussion as "resolved" or if the issue is being worked on, marked as "in progress", etc.

    I found it being used on a forum a little bit ago like I've mentioned above. ( Trouble is, I'm not sure how it's being done. BBPress has a support option like the concept here .. except BBPress is horrible.

    On that referenced site, the discussion "status" is started as "New" based on a hidden input. Then, it appears the admins/moderators are marking the discussions as the different statuses.

    So in a sense, it's like a custom field or option, labeled as "Status" and has the various statuses to choose from.

  • Got everything tweaked to make it display correctly, basically in the Status type format. Works perfect! Changed the text for each action and added two extra actions as well.

    However, I can't quite figure out setting the permissions to only allow admin or moderators to accept or reject the answer (and the additional actions I added). I think, like you mentioned @hbf, the permissions will do the trick. Then this thing will be ready to roll!

  • Hi! I'm completely new to Vanilla and I'm trying to do the same thing. I currently use bbPress for my support forum and I want to move to Vanilla. I need exactly the same functionality: A moderator/admin needs to have an option to change status of a discussion (unresolved/resolved/in work). Besides that, I don't want the possibility to choose between question/discussion.

    @royalelement, how did you implement this? Is your forum available online?

    Can this be done out-of-the-box with any other plugin or is the only solution to modify the QnA plugin?

  • Hey @sasok - Yeah, it looks like modifying the QnA plugin is the only option. I've basically stripped the plugin down to nothing but the statuses (mod'ed from the accept/rejected/answered/unanswered bit). Haven't got the permissions fully ironed out yet. Will have to work more on that in the next few days. But once I've got it rolling, I'd be happy to demo it and share the mod'd plugin.

  • @hbf - if you wouldn't mind, could you share some insight how to set permissons on the QnA Plugin to allow only Admin/Moderators to accept/reject comments? I'm kind of stuck on it. I'd appreciate any help or insight you could provide.

  • @royalelement: Sharing the modified plugin would be great. Do let us know when you'll finish it. ;)

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