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jsconnect, corrupted data

edited May 2012 in Questions

I'm setting up a new site, and there will basically be no stand-alone access to the forums, except by the site administrators. It will be 100% embedded in another site. I've created two domains and plan on using jsconnect for SSO. Everything is set up, and the jsconnect test link in dashboard works fine. It doesn't work when the user authorization is initiated from the embedded forums.

From the forum site dashboard, this is the $_GET array that my user authorization page receives when I press "test":

[client_id] => *****
[timestamp] => 1336631481
[signature] => 337949d695050e4266643780836bf8f4
[Target] => /settings/jsconnect
[callback] => test

Compare this the information received when I access an embedded forum:

[client_id] => *****
[Target] => /
[callback] => jQuery16206220850872341543_1336632049385
[_] => 1336632049683

Obviously, quite a bit different. I grabbed all the code this morning (Wednesday), but might there be an incompatibility between the new VF and the jsconnect plugin ? Is there anywhere else I might look?

Any help would be appreciated.


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