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filter discussion of people that i'm following

edited May 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 Help
This discussion is related to the Following addon.

hi, is there any way that I can filter the discussion by the people that I'm following with this plugin? if there ins't a way, can somebody help me to do it?


  • I wan't to add something like this Image Hosting

  • It says on the download page 'Very basic proof of concept plugin for which we have big plans!' but this plugin doesn't seem to be in the official (?) Addons Github repo, and hasn't seen an update since 0.1 dropped in October 2010, so I wonder if @Tim wants to weigh in on it. It maybe be deprecated and not continue to work with the upcoming 2.1.x...

    You might be able to have a look at the way Participated Discussions (also written by Tim) builds its filter and use that, but I haven't looked at the Following plugin at all.

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