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Per Usergroup Post Color

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I'm trying to implement a per usergroup post color for my forums, but running into a wall in the implantation. I have the CSS that appropriately changes the posts' font color, but trying to get it to apply only to a certain role doesn't appear to be working. I Google'd it in an attempt to see if there was a solution, but the only two threads I came across didn't have solutions that worked for me.

Here and here for reference.

.role-administrator .Comment .Meta .Author a { color: #FFC125 !important; }
or similar doesn't seem to do anything. How do I also handle the fact that I've changed the name of the group? I tried referencing it by the role ID number, but I can't get anything to work.

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  • peregrineperegrine MVP
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    You probably have to write a plugin or go to the helper_functions.php and add a .roletitle class to the discussion. or if you used a plugin - you may be able to modify it there. But since you didn't mention a plug-in I assume it doesn't refer to a plugin.

    then add a css rule for it.


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