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Wiki Integration?

SpencerMcSpencerMc New
edited May 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 Help

I run an internal forum for a small chain of retail stores. I'm looking to add some wiki functionality for things like restock lists and policy documentation (preferably with subscription capabilities). I was considering Docuwiki with a WYSIWYG editor plug-in (for those users less amiable to learning markup), but I would ideally like it to be integrated with our current forum to avoid multiple log-ins and manage permissions centrally. I've searched the community, and I found this thread which seems to have been dead for some time. Did anything ever come of this? If not, can anyone recommend a way of achieving this kind of functionality?


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  • hbfhbf wiki guy? MVP
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    Its a great question and one ive only thought about on a very theoretical level. Im running a couple wikis... one you are hopefully pretty familiar with, the other is tied to my forum. If i ever ger around to looking at it in depth, my plan is to use the forum credentials to allow posting on the mediawiki based wiki. I assume it can be done through jsconnect or other credential passing technique. I also want to do the same thing with a zen cart installation.

  • SpencerMcSpencerMc New
    edited May 2012

    Hmm. JSconnect may just do the trick, though I'll admit I'm a bit nervous about setting it up, as I'm something of a novice to site administration. I wish I had the know-how to wrap everything up in a Garden application because it seems like it would be a popular feature.

    Edit: If he has time, maybe @Todd could comment on if the wiki app he mentioned in the linked thread was ever further developed?

  • Ok, so I've found instructions here on integrating Vanilla 1 with Dokuwiki. The Dokuwiki structure seems to have remained consistent since it was written, but of course Vanilla 2 altered Vanilla significantly. I've been trying to adapt the vanilla.auth.php to work with Vanilla 2, but I admit I'm a bit lost as I don't know php very well and am a beginner to web development in general. I know that what used to be in appg/settings.php seems to has moved to conf/config.php, and I think what was in appg/init_people.php is now in applications/dashboard/settings/structure.php . I've changed the variable references I can find to their current form (e.g., $Configuration['DATABASE_HOST'] to $Configuration['Database']['Host'] ). I've changed the Vanilla root to reflect the relative place my forum is installed. There's some other references in there that seem not to be applicable anymore like DATABASE_TABLE_PREFIX, but it seems to check if they exist before doing anything, so I think that should be alright. Here is what I have so far. Would anybody be willing to give me a hand on this?

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