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Streamlined registration

XrnwXrnw New
edited May 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 Help

I'd love to have onpage registration for guests, similar to blog commenting forms:

What would need to be done in order to achieve this mod?




  • peregrineperegrine ☯ hasta luego :) In-Flight MVP
    edited May 2012

    I'm assuming you want to program it, or get your programmer to do it, or pay for a sponsor to develop. Other than that it requires a bit of programming, so you won't get any easy answers here.

    take a look at this plugin if you want to proceed yourself and create a custom page

    Monetary Donations will be appreciated if you use my plugins. Thanks in Advance.
    As a waiter gets a tip for a good meal, tips for successful solutions appreciated as well. Peregrine

  • Seconded. I'm not the one to tackle this, but I think such a mod could really encourage registration and commenting. Or even put the registration fields below the comment, such that once someone types their comment, they are more invested and obliged to continue registraton.

    (And I don't think it's a custom page the OP is looking for, but an addition to the discussion page.)

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