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Help stop the auto email to all forum members everytime I post

edited June 2012 in Questions

For the past few days I've somehow ran into a problem where when I post a reply or develop a new discussion on any thread it posts just fine but additionally sends the post to every member of the forum. I think I'm driving everyone crazy with the mass emails going out and I have no idea what created this glitch. It must have something to do with bookmarked discussions. However, I haven't bookmarked any discussions and I've checked all my settings in the dashboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • We had that same problem. It turns out in our case that there are two settings in "My Preferences" that are only available to admins (no other users see them or can set them) that cause the issue. They are "Notify me when people start new discussions." and "Notify me when people comment on a discussion.". If those are selected in a user's account, they will receive every comment/discussion on the forum. In our case, they also received these emails even if they didn't have permissions to view the category.

    To fix it, as administrators, we had to go in and deselect these two settings for all of our users. Thankfully, we currently only have 80 users and figured it out before adding more!

    Hope that helps.

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