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How To Eliminate Captcha

edited June 2012 in Questions

I would like to eliminate Captcha for registrations. Using the Basic mode, when no keys are entered, new registrations don't take, and when keys are entered, the Captcha tends to be unreadable. The forum will be behind a password-protected wall, and not likely to be overwhelmed by bots or spammers, so the simpler registration would be welcome, particularly by many of our older users.

Any suggestions on how to eliminate the use of Captcha for registrations?

Best Answers

  • x00x00 MVP
    Answer ✓

    a tradition on this forum is to share your answer.

    grep is your friend.

  • Sorry - I managed to delete the forum entry that had it. As I recall it involved the /conf/config.php file, replacing:

    $Configuration['Garden']['Registration']['Method'] = 'Captcha';


    $Configuration['Garden']['Registration']['Method'] = 'Basic';



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