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logged in users are sent to last post how can I stop this behaviour?

edited June 2012 in Questions


I am using the sharethis plug in. However, I noticed that users are always sent to the last post when they click on a discussion.

For example a link changes from


This screws the sharethis plug in because it tracks it as a different page.

How can I stop this from happening?

I'd like that both logged in and logged out users be directed to

When ever they go to the discussion.


Best Answer

  • peregrineperegrine MVP
    edited June 2012 Answer ✓

    try this in config.php

    $Configuration['Vanilla']['Comments']['AutoOffset'] = FALSE;

    if it do what you want it to do then to make a change in helper_functions.php - you have to look at the code and make the appropriate changes.

    look for the creation of the link

    echo Anchor($DiscussionName,

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