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Add New Member Extension

edited September 2007 in Questions
There really needs to be a feature for admin to add members other than using the apply link on the front page, this should be a standard feature on any forum software.


  • Yup, any flavor of such software should have this, not just vanilla. I have some young kids to add, they have been waiting for weeks for an adult to supervise them to register. If I had this feature they'd have been up and running already. :(

    Such a basic feature, yet so far away.
  • I'd love this feature too. As it is now, I take the long way around and pretend I'm the user who needs to register. An add-on like this would be superb if:

    ** there was an option to email the password one (the admin) sets to the new user's email address
    ** the add-on was compatible with the Extended Applicant Form thingie.
  • there you have it 3 say YES!!
  • Actually, count me in on that, too. There are some groups that *have* to participate in my forum, so rather than me having to keep track of who has registered and who hasn't, and then having to keep on sending reminder emails, etc., it would be much easier if I could just enrol everyone myself (as the administrator), and then just send a mass email to everyone, letting them all know what they have to do to go and change their passwords. Much less hassle for the administrator, as well as for the users.
  • Wait a minute, what's stopping you logging out and creating the accounts yourself?
  • @blizeH: nothing - that's what I will end up doing for those last few remaining users who just can't seem to be able to get around to joining. But it would be much simpler (and faster) for me to do it through an admin panel... :)
  • YOu don't have to log out to create it. Just point your browser to people.php and apply for new membership.
  • Just added an extension that allows an administrator to add a new member without having to use the 'Apply for membership' link.

    Check out AddMember.
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