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Newsblog Extension

edited January 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Yes, I did read a lot here and searched hours to find an answer. Sorry in advance if I bother anyone with this question. I know this has been discussed often before.

Would it be very hard to get some kind of simple newsblog extension done, which allows the following:

1. Admin can write news which are displayed chronically at an extra page
2. Users may add comments
(3. categorisation of news)

I thought of two different ways:
First, one category in vanilla which has an extra layout which would give the according discussions a look of a newsblog. The discussin would needed to be excluded from the discussions page.
Second, setting up to forums in a different style (one forum, one newsblog) and merge user tables to allow user to comment on news.

As you might imagine, I would prefer the first way. This would mean, one category needs independent attributes to make it look like a newsblog.

Is here anyone who would like to help me get this accomplished? I am not able to do the coding as I am only able to do the HTML and CSS stuff. I would be willing to compensate helpers however it is possible.

Thanks for thinking about it,


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