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edited September 2008 in Questions
I've just installed and started using Vanilla, along with a few extensions including Latest Discussions Prime. A feature that I think would be incredibly cool would be to have the Latest Discussion list in the sidebar update on a timed, periodic basis using Ajax, so that activity could be passively monitored without manual refreshing of the whole page. Is there an extension that does this already? If not, is anyone aware of whether or not that's being developed by anyone? Any thoughts on how difficult it would be? Thanks


  • Any thoughts on this?
  • there was one that, like gmail does, alerted when a new comment is posted in the discussion the user is viewing, but I don't remember its name. run a search in the addon site ;)

    it's different of what you requested, but maybe you can grab ideas from there
  • I believe the one you're talking about is "Live Discussions." I've got that one installed. I will eventually use that in trying to make something of my own if I get time. I was just hoping there was something else already doing that, but I guess there isn't. At any rate thanks for the help.
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