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off topic (reflection upon Filebrowser)

edited May 2010 in Questions
hi. i've developed a sort of static content mgt sys, not entirely unlike that of "Filebrowser" (though it pales in comparison stylistically, and comparing the code, entirely less complicated). i'm looking for some feedback on the thing in general. really, i developed it for my own purposes (as many apps begin, i suppose), but decided to make it a public project at ActiveState Firefly. i would very much appreciate, even a phrase or two of advice for how to improve it. Please read the "for_devrs" file, if you decide to have a look at it. (i.e. extract the php app to a dir of your choice on your testing server)
thanks! my name is jeff. the source is here: svn export -r HEAD "" "[drive]:\document_root\[preferred_folder]"


  • @stanley_tweedle

    can you post the addon on the side,
  • @bobtheman
    hi. thank you for your attention to my post (for, after posting, i realized i'd likely have attracted more attention, had i selected a different forum category. hehe...)

    i'm afraid it wouldn't be appropriate for me to post anything to the addon's, as this is off-topic of Vanilla. it is only related to Filebrowser-- and in that-- only by degrees.

    i thought i mentioned, though i see i didn't, i realize Filebrowser ( is no longer active. The query is directed at the Filebrowser developer, and rather /by the way/. After some further thought on the issue, i regard Filebrowser and Annie DeBrowsa each as borne of a different purpose.

    I've engaged in the Vanilla forum, specifically, because of the apparent relation between Lussumo, Vanilla, and the Filebrowser. That the Filebrowser does share some functionality on a superficial level with Annie DeBrowsa (in terms of static content on an HTTP server), I sought after some practical commentary / constructive criticism from an understanding of that common objective.

  • my apologies @stanley_tweedle ... i didnt realize this was a lussumo developed application i should of checked the link.
  • hum, i wonder if this could be ported to work on the garden platform as an application ...
  • This is pretty cookl
  • @bobtheman, this would be a fantastic app to port to V2. I would be surprised if @Mark doesn't have something planned along these lines once V2 is out int he wild...
  • better yet, support for editing html, php, and css files in this browser would be awesome.
  • I wouldn't imagine basic (no highlighting) editing of text files (much like WordPress does in the admin backend) is too hard to add, but if you want full syntax highlighting... well, that sounds pretty complex to me!
  • Syntax highlighting may be one of the most basic things in the world to add, just google any of the numerous javascript or php scripts that do it. geshi for php does it however a javascript approach is probably more efficient these days.
  • I meant syntax highlighting in the editable window/textarea. Or am I completely behind the curve and do most syntax highlighters now support textarea/live highlighting?
  • edited April 2010
    wow! ... you guys actually see /some/ value in my crud, eh? [if i've read you correctly, that is... then, wow-- i'm quite honored, flattered]

    surely, you must be speaking of "the Filebrowser", in terms of porting to Vanilla. hmm.

    @any-interested-party : did someone want to stab / slash / hack / caress / manipulate my code? if you want, just let me know who to hook up w/ privs, etc. i'll totally get that set-up, yo. i'm easy goin'.
  • sorry for double-post, but i should add...
    regarding syn hilite, etc: i know i have some .js somewhere-- i know i'd tried cramming it in my app (ADB) at one point-- likely as a "sideproject", as it is indeed valuable in certain instances-- i had to focus on other issues, more pressing to this "alpha" release-- so much to do, and i am the worst w/ ADD-- much difficulty to focus on such any singular aspect, what with ten-hundred global problems distracting me at any given moment.

    but thank god for Subversion! i only wish i'd have had sense to get into version control much earlier in the game. what a world of difference in productivity/ efficiency, when managed under a proper version control system! but, i digress... [ hehe ]
  • edited April 2010
    (and here i go again...)

    @[-Stash-] : Or am I completely behind the curve and do most syntax highlighters now support textarea/live highlighting?
    In terms of an editor, which would employ syntax highlighting func, perhaps there is some insight in the Firefox / Flock add-on "Phoenix". dude has syn, and live editing-- PLUS autocomplete in there. just install that, and go to the /[MozProfile]/[extensions]/Phoenix/whatever/*.js stuff. I've learned (err... more like /witnessed/) a lot of true Ninja-Grade .JS from the XUL dev'rs .JS bits.

    {edit: oh, poo! couldn't get the nifty hyperlink @[-phish-] ... what secrets in the power overlords! [or, tweedle needs Vanilla for dummies?] }
  • [-Stash-][-Stash-] New
    edited April 2010
    @stanley_tweedle, thanks for that info, I'll be sure to take a look at that!

    My name doesn't link because the square brackets break the function...

    P.S. how's your crush on (Z|X)ev?
  • edited April 2010
    huh? What the..?! oh! haha... okay-- for a second, i was thinking you actually /knew/ me. haha! pretty funny man. dig that though. i love that show. and it makes a fine, easy to rem u/n most of the time.
    P.S. actually, more into Lykka (sp?) myself. in fact, i think also, so goes Tweedle himself-- if you are familiar enough w/ all that. right? you know-- the "plant"? hehe. I understand she is actually more of a musician; a vocalist in a band, near Toronto [maybe? recollections... ]. Louise Wischerman (sp?), that is. there's your six-degrees-of-separation from Lussimo, right? (i.e. i'm thinking, from previous research on the matter of trying to find help w/ my project; ideas-- i recall someone in Canada residence [lead dev'r, i thought]. all this being relevant, in trivial terms, as "Lexx" is a Canadian production right?).
  • OT: yeah, Lyekka is kinda cute, but she's "smooth around the curve" :D
  • lol you are indeed a long way behind the curve :P
  • Good job I'm not alone eh? It's not like I saw anyone else posting links to any of that stuff >=P
  • You must have missed the whole mozilla bespin project as well :)
  • No, but I certainly have missed the part where you can insert it into a textarea...

    Anyway, hopefully the links that I bothered to post will help other people who don't possess your great wealth of knowledge.
  • Haha, i just have no life. I feel now its my job to know things since i'm doing a degree in computer science :)
  • edited May 2010
    mmm it double posted.
  • i wonder how hard it would be to add in codepress into the css theming editor
  • CodeMirror and the jsbin stuff look like they're more actively maintained... might be worth looking into those a bit more considering CodePress doesn't seem to have been updated in 3 years...
  • jsbin is javascript heavy, i know thats controversial. codemirror looks cool. It has a
    "zlib-like license" ... not sure if this is compatible with gpl

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