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Vanilla 2 Release Candidate (we need your help)



  • Thanks, I missed that Download source link! I notice Downloads (0) on the menu, and didn't think there was a download.

    I successfully used 'git clone', much quicker way to get it on my website and it will be easy to install updates / patches.

    Finding some bugs too, looks like I need a github account to report.

    Is there WYSIWYG plugin for Vanilla 2? I looked for one, they look like they are all only for '1'. I'm mostly interested in people easily being able to share images.
  • lussumo created branch rc at lussumo/Garden about 20 hours ago???!!!!!!!!!
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff

    That's not an official release candidate - just a branch we're trying to get ready to *become* the release candidate. It's very broken at the moment as we've been doing a ton of housekeeping in there.
  • Hiya Mark. Multiple roles per user is a key requirement for us.

    And we're trying to evaluate whether to hack Vanilla 1 or use unstable Vanilla 2. I know hacking is not recommended, but equally scary would be going with a buggy app.

    Is there an issue tracker that would give us insight as to what needs work on Vanilla 2?
  • @Mratrr

    We are working toward the first RC, there are a ton of unresolved bugs in github on the master branch we want to address. We are still missing a few important core features, and we will be holding a few polls to determine what else is needed. I personally am in favor of conducting a security audit of the application for the first beta. Other than that, the v2 application is pretty stable, hence we are extremely close to the first RC.

    If you are comfortable with coding, and want to make some changes you feel would better the project as a whole. Create an account on github, fork the project and hack away. personally I would recommend using V2
  • @Mark
    is the crash stash/fail wail going to catch any major errors that would take down a site and undo them, informing you that application/addon X doesn't work? Like a failsafe ? this would be great not sure if thats the idea here.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    @mratrr - Here's the github issue list:

    There are a ton of bugs listed there, and many of them are simply obselete at this point. We are going to work through them as we kick out the RC.

    Vanilla 2 has multiple roles per user - as you pointed out. It doesn't hurt to try to install Vanilla 2 and see how it goes. But I would be inclined to wait until at least an RC2 if you are not a coder.

    @bobtheman - That's a pretty complex thing to implement, but we're working towards it. At the very least we have decent reporting implemented so we can figure out what's going wrong, and identify common problems. We're not quite at the "phone-home to report crashes" stage - but we'll get there.
  • We're already using (and loving!) Vanilla 2 as our platform anyway, so if it was easy to upgrade from what we're on now to the RC I'd be very happy to do so, and help in anyway possible with regards to reporting bugs :-)

    So "yes!" :-)
  • I said I'd help, but I have yet to do that. I am going to wait until the new changes have been pushed and then completely reset my site. That way I'll be able to help my best once I know I haven't caused the problem while updating.
  • I'll help anyway I can.
  • How do I download vanilla 2 from GitHub? Is there a download link? I can't seem to find it. Thanks!
  • click on download source right under explorer github @jamestheman
  • I wish theming was easier. It's a bummer so many of the styles are tucked away in a few stylesheets.

    The cssTheme plugin seems to crash every time I activate it.
  • lucluc ✭✭
    cssTheme is broken.
    Wait the RC before theming, as they were changes related to that in that branch. Otherwise, you will have to revisit it again.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    @Pasquale - We're working on making theming easier. Currently in the RC branch we've got all of the css files combined into one, and we've also implemented a "custom.css" file that allows you to just add your custom definitions to one file that will override the default ones. This makes it so that changes to our css & html won't overwrite or break your css defs. Neat!
  • I've always found theming pretty easy with vanilla2. I like how everything works on it.
  • @Mark that is wicked - really looking forward to this RC...
  • I am also! It's going to much better than any other alternative forum software!
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    It's looking really good. Implemented a ton of cleanup over the last few days. We also made our first dev hire at Vanilla, and he started yesterday. So, things are speeding along, now :)
  • @Mark i expect a compulsory introduction blog post then is in order. :)
  • Great news! Welcome to the new guys, and looking forward to seeing some updates :-)
  • The answer is a definite Yes, Mark. However some guidance on how I can help would be useful. My knowledge of the stack I'm on, how to pass on logs when I notice bugs etc is limited. I'm happy to do it, if I'm told what to do.

    I realise that sounds like just another job to be done on your part. All I know is I'm happy to install, design and and roll out a site with Vanilla 2 - I'm just not sure how to report back to you with the problems I come across other than posting a loose description of what is happening as a post in the community forums.

  • I would also agree with davidk43. If there is any easier way to help post bugs and stuff, then I'd like to know.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited April 2010
    I hear you guys. We are most likely going to set up a new issue tracking forum (with some customizations to help with the tracking) for this purpose. We'll just use one of our hosted forums and single-sign-on it here to the community forum so you don't need to set up new accounts or anything.
  • I can help with testing, but not so much with fixing.
    System specs:
    Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala"
    Apache 2 with PHP 5 and MySQL 5.1
  • PS: Where to find said RELEASE CANDIDATE?
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