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Current release is 2.1.6 (21 Nov 2014).

Users who have not yet upgraded to 2.1 should get security release (1 Nov 2014). We will stop providing these security releases to 2.0 at the end of this year.

off topic (reflection upon Filebrowser)

hi. i've developed a sort of static content mgt sys, not entirely unlike that of "Filebrowser" (though it pales in comparison stylistically, and comparing the code, entirely less complicated). i'm looking for some feedback on the thing in general. really, i developed it for my own purposes (as many apps begin, i suppose), but decided to make it a public project at ActiveState Firefly. i would very much appreciate, even a phrase or two of advice for how to improve it. Please read the "for_devrs" file, if you decide to have a look at it. (i.e. extract the php app to a dir of your choice on your testing server)
thanks! my name is jeff. the source is here: svn export -r HEAD "" "[drive]:\document_root\[preferred_folder]"


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