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  • Uploaded version 1.1 of Signatures.
  • ah yeah, so it is a bug. fixed now.
  • Mate give imageshack the flick and use something like
    They (imageshack) are full of annoying ads and pop-up as well as pop-behind windows these days.

    Posted: Saturday, 3 November 2007 at 8:01AM

  • I'm not entirely sure if I've just forgotten to do something or not, but I've installed the latest Vanilla (as an upgrade) and added this great little extension update too... But links are not working anymore in signatures. All I get is the 'url' code displayed as text. I did the modification to the themes/comments file as mentioned... have I forgotten to do something else? Any help appreciated.
  • Anyone help? Or has my foolishness thwarted us all?
  • this is really cool
    but is their anyway
    we can have a sig box
    so we can have writing in it
  • Isnt that exactly what this extension does? If you had a sig box would you insist on putting a new line on that every couple of words too?
  • Uploaded version 1.2 of Signatures.
  • I had meant to check this then somehow it managed to slip my mind...

    but yeah, heh, that would be a bug in the updated regular expression. fixed now.
  • so what is the difference now?
  • Chris, I'm experiencing the same problems. I have a BBCode extension installed. Could this be part of it? Update: The regular Expressions are messed up still in the default.php. I'm not an expert on this, but the ones thatre used currently have ?> in them, which closes the php prematurely. I changed them to .+? and the links now appear and work-- but any URL names for them (i.e. see my homepage) look like they aren't appearing. I'll invesitigate further.
  • I've fixed the regex in the latest release (ie. 1.2); it should be working now. I wouldn't recommend changing instances of (?>[^[]+) or (?>[^]]+) to .+?, as it will make the regular expression much more inefficient.
  • I'm running 1.2 as I said, whats happening with it is that the signatures are coming out as the bbcode, and not as links. This may be off-topic for this thread, but since you reg express has a ?> in it, how does php gather that is not the end of a tag?
  • hmm, everything running's fine for me; not sure why it wouldn't be working on your forum... the preg_replace call does look like the following, correct?$Text = preg_replace(
    ), array(
    '\'<a href="\'.Signatures_ParseUrl(\'\\1\').\'">\\2</a>\'',
    '\'<img src="\'.Signatures_ParseUrl(\'\\1\').\'" alt="">\''
    ), $Text
    and php doesn't interpret the ?> as an ending delimeter because it is in a string literal; it is used here in the regular expressions to prevent backtracking.
  • ok...
    what does this signature do?
    cuz i don't think it does what signatures on other sites do

    or am i wrong

    maybe it is just not working for me
  • Yup. It matches. I'm also having trouble with the hidden text extension. Could it be related some how?
  • I'd upgrade to 1.1.4 anyway and continue troubleshooting if you still have problems.
  • i did
    and that is why i reposted

  • I meant scherem sorry
  • I'm going to roll back to an earlier version sometime this weekend. With the modifications I'm using (the .+?) images work, but the url don't appear with their names (i.e. []home page[/ url] comes up as and not home page).
  • ooh, wait, I'm using an earlier vanilla version, that could be it. I'll upgrade once I get home today.
  • hmm, still can't replicate your problem...
  • Could you guys please include a changelog in the discription or something so we can follow what's changed. Thanks :)
  • The roll back in the extension solved my problems. (Now running 1.0.1)
  • works for me now i forgot to edit the comment thing my bad
  • I had this running on an older version of Vanilla, just, but I have just moved servers and installed a new, up-tp-date 1.1.4 version.
    Signatures didn't work, (the only add-on that stopped working), so i upgraded that as well, now I get this error at the top of each page where someone had a sig:
    Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset 65 of 419 bytes in /home/MYSERVER/public_html/MYSITE/extensions/Signatures/default.php on line 71

    It seems that if someone had a sig with anything but a letter or number the error is produced.
    Also their sigs are wiped out and need to be re entered.
    If someone had a sig, that now produces an error, their sig is empty and the error only goes away once a new sig is entered.

    Any thoughts?
  • switching servers probably screwed up the encoding, and caused <samp>unserialize</samp> to balk. it's not really a problem with signatures, per se, it's more to do with php's serialization.
  • I don't see how switching servers could have caused any problems as they are with the same company/ same configuration but I\ll ask the host company anyway.
  • Hey guys...I know this is probably an easy fix, but my signatures always appear on the same line as my post. Does anyone know how to put a new line character in there to put them on different lines? Thanks! -Ryan
  • I have problem with that plugin hwn I use an URL in it, I get something like that: http://"http//
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