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edited November 2007 in Questions
This discussion is related to the Signatures addon.


  • great job :) thx
  • When I installed this extension, my discussions all became blank at the discussion level view (ie I can see them as links at the category level, but can't read them). Using Vanilla 1.1.2, PHP 5.1.2.
  • Is there not some way to automate that theme change?
  • @local: are you sure you applied the modification correctly? it sounds suspiciously like there's some sort of fatal error in the comments theme file.

    @stash: well it's possible, but it'd probably be more trouble than it's worth. the extension would have to have the permissions to write to theme/comments.php, and it'd also have to store its status somewhere as well (so it won't try to modify the theme file every time). ideally there'd be some sort of delegate at the end of the creation of the comment body.
  • Why not just append the signature to the comment body before it is displayed? Like it is done in Thankful People:function AddSignature(&$CommentGrid) {
    $Comment = $CommentGrid->DelegateParameters['Comment'];
    $Comment->CommentBody .= (defined('EXTENSION_IN_SIGNATURES') ? SignatureRender(@$Row['AuthUserPrefs']) : '');
    $Context->AddToDelegate('CommentGrid', 'PostCommentOptionsRender', 'AddSignature');
  • because, as you'll notice in the call to SignatureRender, I need access to the array of mysql results ($Row), because it adds a field to the query which isn't accounted for in Comment::GetPropertiesFromDataSet

    I suppose I should have said, ideally one of the delegate parameters would be the raw mysql results.
  • The Quotations extension will quote the Signature as well if you use the Signature extension.

    You can change some code in the quotation extension as instructed here Quotations # 9
  • Is there a reason why that "NoFunc" function is there? I removed it, and everything seems to be working just fine without it.
  • Request: Have the signature auto recognize emails and convert them to mailto links
  • Is there a reason why that "NoFunc" function is there? I removed it, and everything seems to be working just fine without it.
    I removed this too, because it generated extra b tags. here is the related issue.
    Web validation issue # 13
  • Some users have been asking me to change the color of links when posted in the signature--- how would I modify the css for this?

    I have little to no css experience.
  • Time to learn a little CSS then :)
  • well played Lech. Well played. Any sites you recommend for starters?
  • google turns up quite a few tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced. It's fairly broad but there's always Zeldman or A List Apart if you want to learn just techniques. I suggest searching for simple tutorials, it's not that difficult to grasp the syntax of CSS but more of a difficulty of imagining how properties you set are applied before you even refresh.

    As for your links question, you want to find specifically WHICH child link (a, a:link, a:hover and so on) referencing which parent ID (or globally all of them) you wish to apply the color:#00f; or background:#222; There's only a little bit of math involved when mixing colors but you can do it in many ways. Decimal or Hexadecimal RGB values are quite common.
  • Is there a way to have the signatures display more than one line?
  • I second that suggestion!
  • Hi there, I can't seem to get this functional on my forums. I have followed the instructions - i see where to edit the sig, but nothing shows up. Any suggestions?
  • hmm, if you've correctly applied the modification and have entered a signature for youself it should be showing up under your comments. your preference should be set, by default, to 'show signatures in comments', but maybe for some reason it was disabled?

    @herrgeist & tilesone: allowing for multiple line signatures in the rendering of them wouldn't be a problem, but the extension uses vanilla's built-in method for handling the input of the signatures, which, as far as I know, only allows for single-line inputs. If you feel up to it then by all means implement your own way of retrieving (multiline) input, but to be honest I don't really feel like it.
  • allow <br /> tags?
  • I like your style ithcy =D
  • Hi!
    Hi there, I can't seem to get this functional on my forums. I have followed the instructions - i see where to edit the sig, but nothing shows up. Any suggestions?
    Yes, have U done this:
    Please note that this requires a very small modification to one file:

    1. Open up themes/comments.php
    2. Find the line:
    $CommentList .= $Comment->Body.'
    3. Replace the found line with this one:
    $CommentList .= $Comment->Body.(defined('EXTENSION_IN_SIGNATURES') ? SignatureRender(@$Row['AuthUserPrefs']) : '').'
    I took this direct from the description/readme!

  • is there a way to limit the size or file type of images - a lot of my users are posting huge animated .gif images in their sigs to cause trouble
  • Heh, now you see the reason for KISS and this extension not enabling images by default. Hope someone can help you with that...
  • I don't think you can do anything on the server-side, as the images will be hosted on different servers. what you could do, if you wanted, is a) modify the html replacement in default.php to limit the dimensions of the image (eg. with css), or b) simply remove that regular expression/replacement pair all-together.
  • Hi!

    What have I done wrong, if vanilla does'n show any signature after update?

    I have remodified the comments.php.

  • yeah I've lost them as well

    Now working!
  • What have you done, to get it working?
  • Strange, if I change 'comments.php' inside 'themes/colorful_sky/', it doesn't do any good, vanilla ignores this file. But changing it in the default 'themes/', it works!
  • sorry tiggr - I'd missed the replacement line above (thinking it was an adjustment to the extension itself)
  • When a user once defined a signature but deleted it afterwards, Vanilla still keeps adding the signature code to his/her postings although the signature is empty. I made a little screenshot to show you what I mean.

    Free Image Hosting at

    Is it a bug? Can we somehow integrate a check if the signature is not empty before adding the code to the postings?
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