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Members Page

edited March 2007 in Questions
This discussion is related to the Members Page addon.
Members Page


  • We have been using the member list and as of today it has stopped showing new members. Is there a way to make the member list a multi page list which shows the newest members first and displays 50 or so at a time? Also, any ideas why the list would stop displaying new members?
  • would be great, yes.
  • mattmatt ✭✭
    Updates for this do not work as it is mislabeled in the default.php file. You need to change two lines to look like below:

    Extension Name: Members Page
    Version: 1.2.1
  • Can we get an correction update for this please admins? :)
  • Uploaded version 1.2.1 of Members Page.
  • I notice that the new default directory when unzipped is MembersPage, but the directory coded in the default.php file is members_page. It breaks the link to the style.css file.
  • Uploaded version 1.2.1 of Members Page.
  • That'l teach me to do stuff in a rush. I've changed all references to MembersPage because I'm pretty sure thats the general naming convention in use..
  • Thanks Minisweeper!
  • great add!

    there is any way to see user's IP on member page ? like another information?
  • I installed this on Vanilla 1.2.1 setup, but I get a 404 error when I click on the members tab.

    It's trying to find ./vanilla/extension/?PostBackAction=Members

    Anyone else hit this issue?
  • *bump* Still experiencing the above issue (docvego's #12), can't figure out why. Anyone else know what might be causing this?
  • what kind of forum is it? local?
  • This is on the Internet, but requires an invite to sign up. You want to see what's going on?
  • I'm also a noob, in solving this qeustions... but I he cries, because he searches ./vanilla/extension/?PostBackAction=Members, the problem is cause by the path declaration.

    I even took a look, over the tab creating Line, but couldn't find a hint...

    Do you use Page manager ext.?

  • Try un-rewriting the URL manually from ./vanilla/extension/?PostBackAction=Members

    and see if the list works. If it does with the un-friendly URL, then you probably need to update your .htaccess file with this code.
  • Ahhh, there you have it WallPhone. Thank you, I completely forgot about the Friendly URL code. You are awesome.
  • worked great, thanks WallPhone
  • Is it possible to hide Banned members with this? I didn't see any options in the file default.php
  • There's a logic error on the page that causes the columns to not line up properly. Its a pretty simple fix.


    elseif($eMembersConfig['NameCell'] == 1 && $rows['ShowName'] != 1) {
    $toreturn .= '<td>n/a</td>';


    elseif($eMembersConfig['NameCell'] == 1 && $rows['ShowName'] != 1) {
    $toreturn .= '<td>n/a</td>';
    else {
    $toreturn .= '<td>n/a</td>';
  • isn't this a logic error too?

    so you haven't to change

    elseif($eMembersConfig['NameCell'] == 1 && $rows['ShowName'] != 1) {
    $toreturn .= 'n/a';

    on your way. But to

    else {
    $toreturn .= 'n/a';

    It should do the same, doesn't it?

    on your way,
  • In all honesty, it may, but that's sort of a catch'all with the final else { } statement. Also, it looks like the HTML tags were stripped out of that too. Let me see if I can edit it and fix it.
  • There's a significant performance feature/bug in the way this extension has been written.

    The logic summarised (psuedo code):

    $members = GetMembers(SELECT * FROM MEMBERS)
    for each ($member in $members) {
    $role = GetRole(SELECT * FROM ROLES WHERE $member(roleId) == roleId)
    PrintMember($member, $role)

    OK, that's not real code, nor is it from the extension. But the logic is the same... this extension performs a new SQL query for *EVERY* member that it prints on the page.

    There's 1 query to fetch the members, and 1 query per member.

    If you have 10 members, you have 11 queries.
    If you have 400 members, you have a page with 401 queries.

    For now, I think it's best to simply comment out the role query and HTML stuff. You'll see the page work wonderfully fast as a result.

    If there a way to contribute the modifications I have done to resolve this back to the community?
    Are extensions covered by GPL or anything that means I can publish my work without breaking copyright?
  • I'd say the best thing to do would be to try and make contact with the extension author to discuss your updates. If you cant get any response from them and they seem to have disappeared completely we can see about giving you control of the addon if you wished.
  • Found a bug in your $Menu->AddTab calls, when somebody translates $Context->Dictionary['Members'] the Tab does not show up. The second parameter of AddTab has to be 'Members'. I don't exactly know why though, I'm trying to find out at the moment. [edit]sorry, the error lay in using the Page Managment Addon ;)[/edit]
  • Another error -- table headers are given a <td> tag instead of a <th> tag.

    What's happening with this plugin? I know how it is to work on something for free and all (I maintain a plugin for Wordpress), but there have been solutions posted here to some of the plugin's errors and it still hasn't been updated. All the author needs to do is just drop in the fixes. Is the author AWOL?
  • Looks like he might be...anyone up for taking control?
  • Hi, Many thanks for this add on. Is is possible to filter the list displayed on the role ? ie. to exclude some roles ? Thanks.
  • does this work with page manager? i cant seem to see the members tab if i have the page manager extension on...
  • i'm also interested in the anwser to that last question...
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