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  • Hi Minisweeper,
    Is there any way to allow a guest to create an anonymous post in a set category?
  • Do you mean an anonymous discussion in a certain category, or only allow guests to post comments to discussions in certain categories?
  • Sorry I should have clarified! Just merely allowing an anonymous discussion to be started in a certain category, but anyone could respond. My goal is to limit the anonymous posting to really just 1 category if that makes sense.
  • Change line 37 from: if ($Context->Session->UserID <= 0) { to: if ($Context->Session->UserID <= 0 && $Context->Discussion->CategoryID == 1) { I havnt tested that but give it a shot and see if it works. I'm not sure if the discussion class is in there but we'll soon see. You'll need to change the '1' to whatever category you want too.
  • I must be totally missing on something here, but aren't the guest users able to create new discussions? I installed this extension and all I can do is comment on existing discussions. If not, could anyone suggest where to start modifying the script to achieve this?
  • No they cant create new discussions. If you look at the various discussions on here I've said in the past that it's way too much work for it to be worthwhile me making it happen since I dont even have a forum myself. I made the extension to cover popular demand but allowing guests to make new discussions is a whole other ball game. Unless you're pretty confident with PHP I wouldn't even bother trying...
  • Isn't the whole point of the guest role to NOT allow discussion starting?
    Surely if you want to start a discussion on a board, some sort of authentication is called for?
    Maybe this time it's me being paranoid about security?

    Posted: Tuesday, 26 June 2007 at 7:29AM

  • After looking here and there I managed to integrate Vanilla with my own site and enabled guest posting (creating new discussions and commenting existing ones) by creating a guest user who is automatically logged in if no other user is.
  • I assume you put some measures in place to prevent that guest user from making any changes to their account such as changing the password? What happens if a normal user wants to log in but they can't cause theyre already logged in as guest? Any chance of packing your code up and releasing it as an extension?
  • The thing is that I'm managing my users in my own application, so I just changed all the respective links in the theme to point to my own user managing UI. Then I deleted account.php and all links to it. I might try to turn this into an extension, but it involves creating a custom authenticator + theme + addon. Is there a simple way of doing the authenticator stuff as an addon?
  • Only by packaging up the folder and providing the users with instructions how to implement it...
  • I would like to enable anonymous users to post new threats in forum - is it posiible ? Maybe some clue ?
  • Only if marikka releases his code parts as a package.
  • It doesn't work over here, using fresh install 1.1.2 and this extension only... Here's the output: <script language="JavaScript" name="randyPic"><!-- showImage(); //--></script><input type="text" name="SpamCheck" /></td>
  • Could I take a look at where it's installed?
    Looks like it can't find the .js file.

    Posted: Saturday, 21 July 2007 at 11:31AM

  • fmimoso- You might be having the same error I was. Make sure that the location of randy.js in your default.php is equal to where it exists on your server.

    For example- I extracted the extension files into: /extensions/GuestPost v1.4/ - but the default.php is hardcoded to: /extensions/GuestPost/randy.js.
  • Solved. The problem was exactly that. Thanks for your help. ;) The images weren't displaying either as pravin stated above: the solution was to hardcode the images' address in randy.js. Once again: thanks. :)
  • is there any way to disable the guest posting part of this plugin, so that there's just an option for users to log in? i like the convenience of the quick login form, but i don't want to enable anonymous posting really.
  • exxxxcellent. thanks for that.
  • HEllo Minisweeper.... This looks great. Problem is i can't get it to work... check this out for example: I get this message... Some problems were encountered You do not have permission to add comments to discussions. Do i have to set up a user first named guest or something? Thnx in advance! Paul
  • Yeah. If you refer to the readme you'll notice you need to create a guest member first.
  • Oh.. erm sorry to waste your time Minisweeper! RTFI eh, doh! I'll go try that - and i am sure it will work now! It's great that you answerwed such a dumb question for me lol! Thanks again Paul
  • I'll never be sure it will work so you're a step ahead of me now! Thanks for asking such a dumb question, they're the easiest to answer :P
  • Minisweeper

    Change line 37 to:
    if ($Context->Session->UserID <= 0 && $Context->Discussion->CategoryID == 1) {
    I havnt tested that but give it a shot and see if it works. I'm not sure if the discussion class is in there but we'll soon see.
    I also wanted to limit guest posting to a particular category, but "$Context->Discussion->CategoryID == 1" didn't work for me. I kept getting a... umm, undefined property error, I believe.

    But using "$CommentGrid->Discussion->CategoryID" seems to work.
  • Well, I'm a bit late here. I wanted to suggest (as in Guestbook # 6) the addition of an array of category ids where Guest Post would appear/not appear. Well, as anybody wished everyone a good day today ?
    Have a nice day everybody !
  • I just installed this extension and am getting this error. I created a guest account, edited the default.php file to reflect this and activated the extension... Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/sitedirectory/public_html/comments/extensions/GuestPost/default.php on line 20
  • Double check your guest password line: define('GuestPassword', 'guest'); Chances are you deleted one of the ' or something by accident.
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