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[Vanilla 2] How to make translation work : my solution !

ArachnosArachnos New
edited July 2010 in Localization
In trying to make a french translation of Vanilla/Garden (still in work, but I will share it when it's done), and after having found help on this forum, I've made my own solution that is below :

1. Download and install Undefined Translation Collector

2. Enable it in the Plugins section of the Dashboard

3. Browse a maximum of pages in the conversations, discussions, and Dashboard

4. Go to the folder "plugins/TranslationCollector" and copy/paste the ApplicationName.php files into /applications/ApplicationName/locale/fr-FR/ and rename each file definitions.php

Don't forget to change "/fr-FR/" to your language like "/lang-COUNTRY/"

5. Translate each file

6. Add this lines in conf/config.php :

$Configuration['Garden']['Locale'] = 'fr-FR';

7. Delete library_mappings.php in /cache/ directory

8. Reload your community / forum and it's working fine !!!!

Sorry for this long explanation, but I think that is detailed enough ;-)

I hope this would help someone ;-)



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