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SMF TO VANILLA... But first a few questions?

edited September 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 Help
I'm considering moving from SMF to Vanilla. Although, one of the things that may hold me back was:

The ability to promote to another role based on post count.

Is this at all possible with Vanilla? Anyone know?

My other concern was anti-spam techniques implemented with Vanilla. I see recaptcha works well with it, but as some of you may know, this doesn't always block out all spam bots. A few are able to break it. What other forms of anti-spam are available?

Does Vanilla offer a way to add custom questions to be answered in order to apply/register to the forum? (this method, combined with recaptcha, i find to be really effective against spam)

That's it basically. Other than that, I think the only other thing that bugs me about vanilla are sticky posts that are indexed to the front page of the forum/all discussion etc. Is that at all removable via the admin panel/persmissions?

Any answers/responses?

Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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