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JS in Pockets works intermittently - Embedded forum

HortonHorton New
edited April 2011 in Questions
This discussion is related to the Pockets addon.
@Todd I am using Pockets in an embedded forum to load my banners. They load intermittently – most of the time but not all the time.
If I click to the main site and then back to forum, they are always there. Ideas? Help?


  • Chrome 10 and the advert at the top of the page is showing up on all pages. Can you describe any further exactly what's going on? Perhaps even record it happening? You can use
  • I will do Screenr capture. This weekend

    Sometimes when you enter the forum the banners are not there. Once you get inside the banners are there or not. If they are there, they will rotate as designed as long as you are on the forum.

    If the banners are not there they will not appear until you leave the forum - to another part of the site and then back to the forum.
  • one more thing.... I think the Pockets- js banners always work when I go to the source forum URL

  • Are the adverts served from the same server?
  • HortonHorton New
    edited April 2011
    Possible trigger: Think that if you go to and click on the forum tab before the home page loads the banners do not load. (Chrome)

    Edit - Hmmmm not that does not always work..
  • Yes. In the same directory as Joomla uses for the same banners for the rest of the site.

    It is a bummer that I have to config the banners for the forum and the rest of the site separately - least of my problems
  • Hi Horton, Did you solve this issue? I'm having similar problems with Chrome not loading the Pockets.
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