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problems (random) with vanilla 2.17.8 and vanillapress theme

horia_mhoria_m New
edited May 2011 in Vanilla 2.1 Help
Hi all,

I have random access problems at a forum that is up and running and private:

1) some users complain that, after registering, when trying to sign-in, they get an error: "account not available" (or similar)
I could not reproduce these problems, but...

2) trying to reproduce this kind of problem, I had another sign-in problem:
with firefox 4, while having some other tabs with other websites open:
* I make a new tab for the forum.
* I sign in, then I sign out.
* I try to sign-in again, what seems to function, BUT:
the forum appears, and in the lower part of the page there appears again the "sign-in-page", inserted like a box in a box in the forum page.
I can sign in there, again, but nothing happens, and this kind of matrioshka (box in a box) page reapppears.
I tried to sign in with "remember me" checked or not checked. The same as above happened.
* then, I tried to close firefox completely.
* after restarting firefox those problems dissapeared. I could log-in normally.

Did anybody experienced similar problems? Thank you!


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