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edited January 2006 in Vanilla 1
Any updates coming along soon. I know you said you'd be away for a month mark, but has it been that yet?


  • it has been but theyre still not up. He says mid november cause he has a client paying him to push stuff (detatched user auth) out quickly. Fingers crossed.
  • mini is right. mark gave us an update a little while ago, and said early-mid november. there is not long now. YAY!
  • mini ever wrong?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I'm a few days into development and templating is 99% finished. The decentralization of session management is finished (you'll be able to write your own authentication modules / methods if you want - as extensions, of course). I'm in the process of reconfiguring the panel. I'm also stripping just about every feature out of it and making them extensions. I mean EVERYTHING. I keep saying to myself, "Am I taking out too much?" The answer is always "no" with a smirk. It's gonna be hot, yo.
  • no. mini is never wrong. Mark. That sounds terrific. I can't wait. I would rather it done properly, than rushed, so the wait is no problem for me.
  • Is it wrong to love Mark?
  • :love: Mark :love: heh.
  • OMG... could the code get even more beautiful?? This is the first web application that I've seen that's been coded by someone who knows how to program :D It would be awesome if the full app completely exists out of "extensions"... :O But Mark, if you do, maybe think of a new way to enable / disable / install / uninstall them, cuz the current works okay with a few extensions. I like the GUI of installing / uninstalling modules in Gallery 2 by Menalto... Love to see the updates ^^
  • edited November 2005
    This is beginning to sound a lot like drupal; have the core merely an infrastructure for modules, and include practically every functionality via such.
  • Me too. But I think this core is much nicer than Drupal. It is much smaller at least.
  • So realistically, when 1.0 comes out, Vanilla can be used pretty much as a lightweight community-based CMS (with extentions of course)?

    It would be great to see Vanilla head that direction.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I definitely don't see Vanilla as a CMS. Vanilla is a forum. But the framework that Vanilla is built on can be applied to any type of web app. So, for example, the other apps I've got planned will use the same framework and will share libraries with Vanilla. But they will be very different applications - like a mailing list manager. If you wanted a true CMS, it would be better to create a whole new project using the same framework. It's all semantics, I guess.
  • Well I'm looking forward to the latest Vanilla, and that mailing list manager. We've got a project lined up we could really use that for.
  • Mark, you should keep a blog so that we can keep up with lussumo developments - is there one already?

    And damn, a mailing list would be so rad...
  • Also looking forward to the mailing list thingie!
  • Yeah I'd love for Mark to have a blog with all sorts of updates and all his crazy lussumo adventures :p
  • Yeah Mark... I'd like to check your blog once and a while (don't read this if you have a dirty mind :P) Seriously: I would even want to have a blogapp build on your code O_O
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Thanks guys - I do plan on setting up a blog. I've got lots to say. But I want to do it with the Framework behind vanilla, and (of course) release that as another product. So, it's going to have to wait until I get the next two things out. And yes, all of these things will work together and have central login and whatnot.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I wonder if there's any crazy VC out there for me. *pines*
  • I'm waiting on next rev of vanilla, mailing list manager, and a vanilla news system :P
  • just out of interest, mark, when you say the user authentication will be extensionised so other auth methods can be implemented, how easy will it be (if atall) to use the vanilla auth method as the control for something else? Say if i have a couple of admin sections of the site i'd rather use your tried tested secure method of authentication to log myself into my site than write my own and use it for vanilla... Please feel more than free to write a webmail app with you mlm? :P
  • Awesome! Thanks Mark! Can't wait till see your blog app.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited November 2005
    how easy will it be (if atall) to use the vanilla auth method

    I wanted it to be really easy for you guys to write your own, so it is a very stripped down class that only relies on the most integral values from the vanilla system - like the database connection for querying and validating user creds.

    So, to take it and put it in another app should be easy.
  • i'm not talking about a full-on blog right now, just a place where we can perhaps say have an rss feed and see that when you're like "Hey, there's gonna be a new version of Vanilla next week." or "I think I might make a mailing list system" or "The new version of Filebrowser is now available to download"... you know what I mean? A central place to see what you're working on and more importantly, if there is a new Vanilla extension or something that we should know about....
  • I do plan on setting up a blog. I've got lots to say. But I want to do it with the Framework behind vanilla, and (of course) release that as another product.

    Well I think that's made me hold back from releasing my blog into the wild! If there's a lussumo one then I'll most likely go for that.

    I'm not even going to ask for a timeline :)
  • I'd like an update by now :P I have two weeks off from work!! I'd like to have something to play with :)
  • A vanilla blog... I could see that being extremely popular. Vanilla looks and works so beautiful, i'm sure a blog would be a great extension to the family. I agree with everyone else.. It would be great if you kept a blog, Mark. Really looking forward to this update.. this update comes with that theme editor type thingy, right?
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