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Moved web hosts -- issues

edited September 2011 in Questions
I have moved to a new web host and am trying to get my forum up. I have been able to get the forum to load, but the content from the forum on the old host isn't coming up at all. None of the plugins seem to be working. I went through the dashboard to remove the plugins, and now when I go into the FTP to see the plugins folder the plugin subfolders are still there and I can't remove them. (Also, I'm trying to download the plugin zip files from here to re-install them and nothing is downloading)

What can I do to get our forum content up?



Best Answers

  • LincolnLincoln Community Instigator Vanilla Staff
    Answer ✓
    Did you export your database and bring it along?

    Sr Developer at Vanilla Forums [GitHub, Twitter]

  • UnderDogUnderDog Moderator
    Answer ✓
    1) Check in your config.php to which database you are connecting
    2) Check whether you have content (discussions) in your new database
    3) Check your config table for the host information, maybe that's still set to the old information

    If everything fails : Make a new install on your new host
    Use the porter plugin to export and then import on your new host.


  • Yes--database does have content. I verified that the db name is still the same in config.php.

    I didn't export the DB or back it up. I just downloaded the directory and contents and just uploaded everything to the new server. Could this be the source of my problem?

    Underdog, I think I might have to try the new install....
  • whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... Moderator
    edited September 2011

    On my server the site DB is not in the Vanilla directory, but is held separately with other SQL DBs.

    If I was moving I would need to export my Vanilla DB separately.
  • Thanks, @whu606. I do have the DB file in the folder with other DBs. Just don't know why it's not loading the content...
  • LincolnLincoln Community Instigator Vanilla Staff
    Are you looking at the database content in something like phpMyAdmin to confirm it's there?

    Generally simply moving the database files does not work because MySQL won't know the database *exists* unless you add it to the main MySQL structure database.

    Sr Developer at Vanilla Forums [GitHub, Twitter]

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