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Regarding custom [tags] surrounding [/tag] words.

edited November 2011 in Questions
I'm wondering what the best way to handle this would be. I enjoy the CLEditor plugin that comes with Vanilla, and thought it'd be easy to expand. Looking into it, though, I see that it uses the .mins.js file which I can hardly edit. Maybe I'm not thinking about it clearly, though.

Ultimately what I'd like to do is have something similar to where you can surround a word or set of words with [card] and [cards] and it just gives them all a URL that is pointed to the appropriate card on

Even if I continuously struggle with the CLEditor pluggin, what is the best approach for me to leave Cleditor enabled, but just set up a custom [card] [/card] tag that a user would have to manually type (as in not a button on the CLEditor bar).

In addition, I'd also like to have it do a mouseover effect like what is shown:

I understand that what I specifically want it to do isn't really the problem, though. I just want to know the best way to work with custom tags in general, and if using whatever method that is along with CLEditor will cause any problems.

Thanks for any advice!

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