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Can't enable plugins

dnigrindnigrin New
edited December 2011 in Questions

I just upgraded from 2.0.16 to, and all seems well. But in the Dashboard, I cannot seem to "Enable" plugins, e.g. Vanilla Statistics, or Split/Merge. When I click Enable, I see the little progress indicator, then the page redraws, but still no Enabled status. Ideas?? Thanks in advance...

Best Answer


  • TimTim Lord of Servers Vanilla Staff

    Is your config.php writable by the webserver/php process? Try CHMOD it to 777 to test.

    Vanilla Forums Senior Developer [GitHub, Twitter,]

  • Thanks for the quick response - it seems like it's writeable, but my site is on a hosting provider that I currently only have access to via a GUI interface. The tools they provide there show that it should be writeable. I think you're probably right though - I see a ton of new .tmp files in my conf folder now... It's an IIS server, if that makes any difference.

  • Thank you, yes, that seems to be the problem! Looking forward to the then...

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