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Tagging plugin problem with Urls

edited February 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 Help


I've modified the .htaccess and added the following rules:

 RewriteRule ^post/discussion(.*)$ /post/sound$1 [R,L]
 RewriteRule ^sound(.*) index.php\?p=post/discussion$1 [PT,L]

The problem is that the tagging box doesnt apear when someone tryes to create a discussion because it is not the normal URL I think the problem may be here, but I don't know how to fix it:

    * Add the tag input to the discussion form.
    * @param Gdn_Controller $Sender
   public function PostController_BeforeFormButtons_Handler($Sender) {
      if (C('Plugins.Tagging.Enabled') && in_array($Sender->RequestMethod, array('discussion', 'editdiscussion'))) {
         $Discussion = GetValue('Discussion', $Sender->EventArguments);
         if ($Discussion && !$Sender->Form->IsPostBack()) {
            // Load the existing tags.
            $Tags = Gdn::SQL()
               ->From('TagDiscussion td')
               ->Join('Tag t', 'td.TagID = t.TagID')
               ->Where('td.DiscussionID', GetValue('DiscussionID', $Discussion))
               ->Where("coalesce(t.Type, '')", '')

            $Tags = ConsolidateArrayValuesByKey($Tags, 'Name');
            $Sender->Form->SetValue('Tags', implode(' ', $Tags));

         echo $Sender->Form->Label('Tags', 'Tags');
         echo $Sender->Form->TextBox('Tags', array('maxlength' => 255));

I'e fixed the problem with the voting pluggin just changing this:

$VoteUpUrl = '/sound/'.$VoteType.'/'.$ID.'/voteup/'.$Session->TransientKey().'/';
$VoteDownUrl = '/sound/'.$VoteType.'/'.$ID.'/votedown/'.$Session->TransientKey().'/';

But is not the same with this one

Best Answer

  • x00x00 MVP
    edited February 2012 Answer ✓

    try changing

    in_array($Sender->RequestMethod, array('discussion', 'editdiscussion')


    in_array($Sender->RequestMethod, array('sound','discussion', 'editdiscussion')

    what you are doing is precarious, I'm not saying don't do, just you will be fire fighting.

    Ask yourself "is it really worth the hassle?"

    grep is your friend.


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