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andelfandelf New
edited December 2011 in Localization
This discussion is related to the Simplified Chinese Locale(简体中文) addon.

用户名已经没问题. 需要处理的是 mentions.

config 目录下新建 bootstrap.after.php

class Chn_MentionsFormatter {
public static function GetMentions($String) {
// This one grabs mentions that start at the beginning of $String
if (count($Matches) > 1) {
$Result = array_unique($Matches[1]);
return $Result;
return array();
public static function FormatMentions($Mixed) {
// return "..................................";
$Mixed = preg_replace(
'\1'.Anchor('@\2', '/profile/\\2'),
return $Mixed;
Gdn::FactoryInstall('MentionsFormatter', 'Chn_MentionsFormatter', NULL, Gdn::FactoryInstance);


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