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  • Mark February 2012

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js connect and vanilla connect

edited February 2012 in Questions
This discussion is related to the <Embed> Vanilla addon.

Is it a must to install both vanilla connect and js connect plugins in order for single sign on feature to work?

I have installed the vanilla connect plugin and updated to the latest version 1.1.2 in wordpress, then installed js connect in vanilla forums and followed the instructions of copying everything from vanilla connect plugin installed in wordpress to js connect installed in vanilla forum. Single sign on does not work!



  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff

    Vanilla Connect & js connect are two completely different plugins. You should choose one or the other - we recommend jsconnect.

    Debugging SSO can be tricky because there are so many things that can go wrong outside of the plugins themselves. I'm really not the right guy to help you with it. @Todd wrote jsconnect, so he might be able to give you some pointers if you are having trouble.

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