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[Solved] Template conditionals to only show something on a particular page?

I'd like to know the conditional code that I can put into default.master.tpl to only show it on the homepage?

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  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    Answer ✓
    In smarty you wrap conditionals in between {if}..{/if} tags.

    You can use one of two variables we pass in to determine which page you are on:
    {if $Path == ''}...{/if}
    {if $BodyID == 'vanilla_discussions_index'}...{/if}
    $Path Shows the path the user entered in the browser. $BodyID maps to the application_controller_method being called. If you don't know what to compare to you can just output the variables in default.master.tpl and browse around your applicaiton like this:
    BodyID: {$BodyID}, Path: {$Path}
    You can also see all of the data available to you with the {debug} tag. This will launch a popup so you may have to unblock it in your browser.

    You can find the full documentation for the {if} tag here.


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