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Important security fix: 2.1.10, released 4 May.

Quote button does nothing, please help

edited February 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 Help
This discussion is related to the Quotes addon.

hello i have just installed Vanilla Version on my server and installed some plugins including "Quotes" plugin here:

but the quote button is not working, when its clicked nothing happens.
i get the following message in Firebug:

JSON.parse: unexpected character
f()jquery....0.18.2 (line 16)
b = "<?xml version="1.0" enc...dy> \n\n"
QuoteResponse()quotes.js?v=1.2.2 (line 200)
Data = "<?xml version="1.0" enc...y> \n\n\n"
Status = "success"
XHR = Object { readyState=4, responseText="<?xml version="1.0" enc...y> \n\n\n", status=200, more...}
f()jquery....0.18.2 (line 16)
f()jquery....0.18.2 (line 16)
e = Object { isLocal=false, global=true, type="GET", more...}
f = ["<?xml version="1.0" enc...y> \n\n\n", "success", Object { readyState=4, responseText="<?xml version="1.0" enc...y> \n\n\n", status=200, more...}]
clone()jquery....0.18.2 (line 18)
a = 200
c = "success"
l = Object { text="<?xml version="1.0" enc...y> \n\n\n"}
m = "Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 ...xt/html; charset=utf-8\n"
clone()jquery....0.18.2 (line 18)
a = readystatechange
e = undefined

and here is the error message from chrome browser:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
e.extend.parseJSON                                              jquery.js:16
Gdn_Quotes.Gdn_Quotes.QuoteResponse             quotes.js:200
e.extend.proxy.g                                                  jquery.js:16
f.extend._Deferred.e.resolveWith                          jquery.js:16
w                                                                          jquery.js:18                   jquery.js:18


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