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Important security fix: 2.1.10, released 4 May.

[Solved] Cannot Activate the Facebook Authenticator

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I want to enable logging in through Facebook and enabled the plugin, created the fb app, added the app id and secret id and saved the information. When I go to Authentication under the Users tab, I can see Facebook in the dropdown. I click that and the configure fb menu comes below with the app id and secret id filled in. I click the save again and then try to click the Activate button besides the dropdown (Configure the Authenticator), but nothing happens. I believe I should get some options like mentioned in this blog entry

I can see the fb icon on the forum page. I click on that, allow the app to access my fb account and then I get this error 'Facebook Connect - UniqueID is required'. I search the forums and find that most of the threads mention this one - I follow that, open my class.facebook.plugin.php file and configure as mentioned. Unfortunately nothing happens. It still shows the same error. I've uploaded a phpinfo.php file and checked that OpenSSL feature is enabled for cURL.

cURL support enabled

cURL Information libcurl/7.13.2 OpenSSL/0.9.7e zlib/1.2.2 libidn/0.5.13

I have spent hours on this and will really appreciate if @Tim or @Alibaba31337 or @UnderDog can help me. Thank you in advance.

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