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Locales not working

edited April 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 Help
This discussion is related to the Skeleton Locale addon.

I am using Version, I did everything in order to enable my custom translation. I've a create a new folder under /locales/el-GR/ with my languages, uploaded the baseline files, enabled el-GR under dashboard but I can't see the changes. It's always English.

Any ideas?


Best Answer


  • did you erase the .ini files in your cache?

  • If you mean clear cache in browser yes I did that.

  • peregrineperegrine MVP
    Answer ✓

    Not your browser, on the server.


    you should try deleting all the .ini files

    did you read this

  • ...nope, sorry I am new here...ok let me check. Thanks for the quick reply.

  • Tried that, didn't work out. I am placing admin.php, vanilla.php files under /locales/ folder. I've changed a couple of definitions inside admin.php, uploaded the files and deleted all /cache/*.ini files but nothing, no change. The only thing that's changing is the Month name. I can see that in Greek.

  • Ok figured it out...I hope it's correct. Place admin.php file under /applications/dashboard/locale/el-GR/admin.php and add the following line

    _1 = "/var/www/cytaforum/applications/dashboard/locale/el-GR/admin.php" _

    in locale_map.ini

    It seems to be working, let me test.

  • locale_map.ini is a transitory file, editing it does not solve the ultimate problem and you shouldn't edit them, you should delete ini files - they are caches.

    You may have solved the problem with the admin.php in /applications/dashboard/locale/el-GR/admin.php

    but you certainly didn't fix anything permanently by modifying the ini, since it will get recreated when the cache is rewritten.

    Your'e welcome in advance :). Y'aWIA

  • Yeah I know you are right...I am trying to figure it out. If I figure this out I will give y an update. Thanks

  • Post the contents of your locale_map.ini if you want. I believe the last line is the last one that is acted upon.

  • peregrineperegrine MVP
    edited May 2012


    I think I noticed your problem - you put your locale info under the dashboard (wrong location)

    which begs the question - did you re-read this

    it should go under

    all your new definitions in this file

    after you make all these changes and verifications - delete the mlocale.ini and it should work properly.

    your vanilla/conf/config.php

    $Configuration['Garden']['Locale'] = 'el-GR';

    your dashboard should have the default locale as 
    the el-GR should also be enabled.
     in vanilla/locales/el-GR/definitions.php - where all your definitions are should have these lines changed
        <?php if (!defined('APPLICATION')) exit();
        $LocaleInfo['el-GR'] = array( // make sure the key of this array is the same as its folder name.
            'Locale' => 'el-GR',
            'Name' => 'el-GR locale',
            'Description' => 'el-GR - my language',
            'Version' => '1.0',
            'Author' => "Zorba",
            'AuthorEmail' => 'none',
            'AuthorUrl' => 'none',
            'License' => ''
        if (!function_exists('FormatPossessive')) {
           function FormatPossessive($Word) {
              return substr($Word, -1) == 's' ? $Word."'" : $Word."'s";
        if (!function_exists('Plural')) {
           function Plural($Number, $Singular, $Plural) {
                // Make sure to fix comma-formatted numbers
              $WorkingNumber = str_replace(',', '', $Number);
              return sprintf(T($WorkingNumber == 1 ? $Singular : $Plural), $Number);
        $Definition['Locale'] = 'el-GR';
        $Definition['_Locale'] = 'Locale';
        // see bottom of file for el-GR definitions

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