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[Solved][Documentation] "Press" theme - how to control logo size?

      <div id="Head">
        <div class="inner">

        <h1><a class="Title" href="<?php echo Url('/'); ?>"><span style="align:center"><?php echo Gdn_Theme::Logo(); ?></span></a></h1>

div class="inner" shrinks my logo but keeps it nicely located over my page. If I delete class="inner", I get a nice big logo but aligned Left/None -- not so good.

Here's my site:

(I looked through the forums, nothing came up for "div class="inner"" that related to logo size.)

Questions @422:

A) How should I get my image to be over the page body but full-size? (even if it could just be "centered" that would be fine, although anchoring at the left side of the page would be better)

B) Is there documentation of the different div (and other) classes? Where would I find that?



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