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[Solved][Documentation] "Press" theme - how to control logo size?

edited May 2012 in Questions
      <div id="Head">
        <div class="inner">

        <h1><a class="Title" href="<?php echo Url('/'); ?>"><span style="align:center"><?php echo Gdn_Theme::Logo(); ?></span></a></h1>

div class="inner" shrinks my logo but keeps it nicely located over my page. If I delete class="inner", I get a nice big logo but aligned Left/None -- not so good.

Here's my site:

(I looked through the forums, nothing came up for "div class="inner"" that related to logo size.)

Questions @422:

A) How should I get my image to be over the page body but full-size? (even if it could just be "centered" that would be fine, although anchoring at the left side of the page would be better)

B) Is there documentation of the different div (and other) classes? Where would I find that?


Best Answer


  • edited May 2012

    Answered my own question: (i'm pretty sure:)

    assigning a class (i didn't know this before), it appears, refers to corresponding sections on the stylesheet. I.e. inner is getting these properties: So I'll just match them to my logo dimesions :-)

    Here's a copy-paste from Custom.Css

    #Head .inner img {
        display: block;
        position: absolute;
        top: 26px;
  • definitely an idea to use chrome inspect or firebug. it will solve most of these type of problems.

    grep is your friend.

  • 422422 Developer MVP

    Cheers guys, 6am and half asleep here. I have some ie fixes daniel i will post later . Your sign in button text is a tad long lol. Great color schema btw.


    422 Real Estate Australia , now open Check it out

  • Wait... @422... what fixes are you talking about; I don't remember having anything broken as of now, although I'm finding that my search isn't currently working but I don't want to be this guy so I'm poking around the docs for awhile first.

    I'm thinking my search might have gotten broken when I stripped out the slideshow...

  • edited May 2012

    @underdog, I will soon roll up my sleeves and stard blabbing in the wiki. ahem. I mean, writing.

    What kind of traffic do you get on the wiki? I'm of course a noob but as a noob of a few dedicated days I still haven't come across the wiki in the navigation; not that it's not there, just that it's not real prominent; there's the Docs, and then there's the Forum, and a wiki kind of seems "in between" those two things...

    Also this is a long shot but what are the chances of sorting search by relevance? It might help the existing forums work as a better source of documentation... a sort of raw wiki...

  • 422422 Developer MVP

    it shouldnt have. WIll have a looksy

    422 Real Estate Australia , now open Check it out

  • 422422 Developer MVP

    Its just your search isnt being updated quickly. But it works

    422 Real Estate Australia , now open Check it out

  • 422422 Developer MVP

    also after your analytics code you have a closing script tag and --> you havent removed

    422 Real Estate Australia , now open Check it out

  • 422422 Developer MVP

    you also are using target=_"blank" it should be "_blank"

    422 Real Estate Australia , now open Check it out

  • Oh weird. That's probs what happened to that other guy.

    I think I'm going to play with google custom search; to get a relevance-based (rather than chronology-based) search going. (See my thoughts in this comment)

  • 422422 Developer MVP

    yer wait for mcu_( always forget his username )

    He is doing a sphinx plugin i believe, but really dont even attempt sphinx unless you are a php / sql guru ! Google is probs the better option

    422 Real Estate Australia , now open Check it out

  • Hey good catches! Thanks for the fixes!

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