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I'm not a hobbyist...

edited May 2012 in Feedback

Have you noticed lately, when you click on the Vanilla download link, you're presented with two options:

Hobbyists: Download Now
Big Communities: See Plans and Pricing

I support a community of more than 15,000 members sending hundreds of thousands of messages per month. This is not a hobby.

Vanilla's paid plans look like a great option for an organization that does not have the in-house staff to integrate and manage a robust forum solution, and I would probably consider one of them if our integration and security requirements were less complicated.

Does Vanilla really look at me as a "Hobbyist", someone who is tinkering with this software for fun? I've devoted hundreds of hours to learning this software, made several useful posts on Vanilla's developer forums (and some not so useful, like this one), and made a commitment to helping improve an excellent Open Source platform.

Basically, I'm doing Vanilla's R&D for free.

So, am I the only professional developer building a large, internally hosted community, who is slightly insulted by Vanilla's new "marketing strategy"?

I want them to make pot loads of money from their hosted platform, but calling me a "hobbyist" makes me leery of referring less technically savvy clients to them for a turn-key solution. It also makes me question the support I'm giving their open source efforts.

Vanilla, please change your marketing of your Open Source download compared to your paid services. You're insulting your developer community and devaluing your Open Source efforts.



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