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Prevent spam on your forum by limiting the number of discussions & comments that users can post within a given period of time.

This Sub-Menu allows you to determine how Discussions and Comments users can post within in specified amount of time. You can also determine the amount of characters, the length, of a Comment.

The Spam table contains the following columns:

  • Only Allow Each User To Post - The max number of posts ranging from 1-30.
  • Within - How many seconds ranging from 30-240.
  • Spamblock - The amount of time to block a user who is potentially spamming ranging from 1-10.

You can also determine the Max Comment Length, the default setting is 8000.

Tip: It is a good idea to keep the maximum number of characters allowed in a comment down to a reasonable size.

Forum Settings Sub-Menu

Edited September 2010 by digibomb