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Theme Hooks

Every theme can have a hooks file which lets you add programmatic functionality to your theme. This file is a plugin and can do whatever a plugin can do.

Creating The Hooks File

To create a theme hooks file do the following.

  1. In your plugin folder add a file called class.[pluginname]themehooks.php. Where [pluginname] is the name of your plugin. Make sure the filename is all lowercase.
  2. Add a class in the hooks file that extends Gdn_Plugin:
    class [PluginName]ThemeHooks extends Gdn_Plugin {
  3. Add event handlers to your theme hooks file.
  4. Make sure you disable an re-enable your theme when you first add your theme hooks file.

That's it! Your theme hooks file will be recognized when your theme is enabled.

Tips & Tricks

  • Usually, you use the theme hooks file to add bits of html inside the various pages.
  • The Eventi plugin is a great way to see all of the events that you can put in your hooks file.
Edited June 2011 by Todd