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Linc · Community Instigator · Vanilla Staff

Options are papercuts.


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  • Linc earned the Twitter Connector badge.
    Let's get social!
    October 15
  • PeterMac

    Hello Linc,

    I would really love to get onboard onto the version. My current pageviews is about 2.2 million in last 30 days !

    But hosted Vanilla is too too pricey. Especially for populaous countries like India where a million people may get online but Ad revenue is peanuts.

    Also, I expect pageviews to increase to 5 - 7 million in a year's time.

    How do big Forums manage themselves with such expensive pricing?

    October 15
  • Linc earned the Fifth Anniversary badge.
    Thanks for sticking with us for 5 years.
    August 20
  • Linc earned the 500 Insightfuls badge.
    You received 500 Insightfuls. It ain't no fluke, you post great stuff and we're lucky to have you here.
    June 28
  • Linc added the Facebook ID Display addon.
    Displays users' Facebook IDs in various locations in the site.
    May 4
  • Linc added the Feed Discussions addon.
    Automatically creates new discussions based on content imported from supplied RSS feeds.
    May 4
  • Linc added the Resolved Discussions addon.
    Adds an option to mark discussions as Resolved with custom permission. Resolved discussions are Closed to new participants, however additional posts by the OP unresolve it. Only users with the custom permission see its Resolved status.
    May 4
  • Linc added the Invisibility Cloak addon.
    Hide your forum from the prying eyes of search engines and bots while you set it up.
    May 4
  • Linc added the No Index addon.
    Allows moderators & curators to mark a discussion as noindex/noarchive.
    May 4
  • Linc added the Bump addon.
    Allows moderators to bump a discussion without commenting.
    April 29
  • Linc added the No Bump addon.
    Allows moderators to add a comment without bumping a discussion.
    April 29
  • Linc earned the 100 LOLs badge.
    You received 100 LOLs. When you're liked this much, you'll be an MVP in no time!
    April 25
  • annotation

    I am the author of a full translation forum for Russian and Ukrainian languages. And I own the idea of ​​localization (2012);) We can discuss joint cooperation?

    April 24
    • Linc
      I'm not clear what you're asking about. Our Transifex project for translating Vanilla is here:
  • Linc added the Multilingual addon.
    Allows use of multiple languages. Users can select their preferred language via a link in the footer, and administrators may embed their forum in different languages in different places.
    April 24
  • Linc earned the 500 Awesomes badge.
    You received 500 Awesomes. It ain't no fluke, you post great stuff and we're lucky to have you here.
    March 1
  • Options are papercuts.

    February 9
  • Linc added the Author Selector addon.
    Allows administrators to change the author of a discussion.
    January 6
  • Linc earned the 2500 Comments badge.
    Another day, another comment, another badge.
    December 2013
    • vrijvlinder
      you are catching up !!
    • Linc
      Haha, there was a time I had the most comments around here. Tim and I were neck-and-neck for a while after we supplanted Mark as the most-commented.
  • Linc earned the Yak Shaver badge.
    You thought you were fixing a quick problem. Twelve issues later, you're still helping. That's some serious yak shaving!
    December 2013
    • vrijvlinder
      Lmao !!
    • vrijvlinder
      Some people like hairy yaks and some like their yak shaved. I am guessing peregrine likes his yak hairy since shaving the yak made it cold and became an economic encumbrance ....
    • ilovetech
      I want my Yak on be shaved on one half, and hairy on the other half. ;)
  • Linc earned the 250 Insightfuls badge.
    You received 250 Insightfuls. Looks like you're popular around these parts.
    December 2013
  • Linc added the ShwaipBot addon.
    Program your System bot to reply to catch phrases and special conditions.
    December 2013
  • Linc earned the Fourth Anniversary badge.
    Thanks for sticking with us for 4 years.
    August 2013
  • Qvintus

    Hello Lincoln. I'm new to using VanillaForums, however I was told to pass on to you that. My Plesk interface is using a outdated version of this forum. Plesk 11 : Panel version 11.0.9 Update #55

    With that I simply wanna say keep up the good work!

    July 2013
  • Linc earned the 100 Insightfuls badge.
    You received 100 Insightfuls. When you're liked this much, you'll be an MVP in no time!
    July 2013
  • Linc earned the 250 Awesomes badge.
    You received 250 Awesomes. Looks like you're popular around these parts.
    July 2013
  • Linc earned the 25 LOLs badge.
    You received 25 LOLs. You're posting some good content. Great!
    July 2013
  • Linc earned the First Answer badge.
    Answering questions is a great way to show your support for a community!
    May 2013
  • Linc earned the 5 Answers badge.
    Your willingness to share knowledge has definitely been noticed.
    May 2013
  • Linc earned the 25 Answers badge.
    Looks like you’re starting to make a name for yourself as someone who knows the score!
    May 2013
  • Linc earned the 50 Answers badge.
    Why use Google when we could just ask you?
    May 2013