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Current releases are 2.1.5 (31 Oct 2014) and (5 Aug 2014)

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  • This release was fast-forwarded from 2.1.4 to 2.1.5 to fix a simple merge flaw in the settings controller.
  • Will someone test this fix please:
    in 2.1.4 issue Comment by Linc October 31
  • @vrijvlinder said: We mean here ... I dunno who you think you're petitioning, but the CSS jankery that happened on this site drove me nuts. There's a difference between allowing something and liking it. I'm not mourning your ability to screw …
    in Spoilers Comment by Linc October 30
  • @vrijvlinder said: I can't make use of something so stringent. Not for my purposes. There's currently no reason to disable cleditor if you're using WYSIWYG. You can build a 4-line plugin that disables SafeStyles again. What we're doing here…
    in Testing 2.1.4 Comment by Linc October 30
  • @Bleistivt said: Regarding 2.1.4: I've been testing a bit and everything looks ok. The cleditor fix works, but when you disable it, comments created with cleditor will lose their styling, even things like bold and strikethrough. Not r…
    in Testing 2.1.4 Comment by Linc October 30
  • No, that's the first time I've seen that discussion. I don't mind including it if someone sends me a PR tonight & verifies it doesn't break anything.
    in Testing 2.1.4 Comment by Linc October 30
  • 2.1.4 is imminent, and will follow it this week.
  • @vrijvlinder said: It is sad to have to cut the entire forest because of one tree... :'( I was thinking of a metaphor more along the lines of "I'm glad someone finally realized the basement door has been open for two years."
    in Spoilers Comment by Linc October 29
  • Thanks for pointing it out. Seeing the forest from the trees and all that.
    in Spoilers Comment by Linc October 29
  • I get the point. :expressionless: This isn't new info. (fenced the code above to make the discussion useable again)
    in Spoilers Comment by Linc October 29
  • Yeah, was confirming things for this: Lots of work to be done here.
    in Spoilers Comment by Linc October 29
  • A can't ~~strike~~ anything
    in Spoilers Comment by Linc October 29
  • What's in production for Or Or code
    in Spoilers Comment by Linc October 29
  • This is the worst.
    in Spoilers Comment by Linc October 29
  • A [spoiler]B C[/spoiler] D
    in Spoilers Comment by Linc October 29
  • @JasonBarnabe said: Was this change intentional? Yes.
  • I'm really happy for them. I'm a fan of phpBB and I've met a couple leaders of their team and very much enjoyed our conversations. We're making big strides in unit testing, Travis builds, and the changes necessary to take our codebase to the next l…
  • AppStartup is earliest, I believe. PHP's __construct gets called when the object is instantiated, which in Vanilla I don't think is done unless a method in it is invoked.
  • @peregrine said: all routers, switches, firewalls, still have a record of it, not to mention apache logs, still have a record of it. It's a false sense of anonymity. That's an uncorrelated list that's nearly worthless, if it's even logging. …
  • I'd be interested in seeing this as a plugin. If it requires a core change like a new hook, let me know or send a PR.
  • @hgtonight said: This is a feature I think would be awesome to be in core. I don't want to be the killjoy, but I figured I better say something before this turns into a pull request. We've purposefully eschewed this feature since the original…
  • @46HudsonPU said: Not sure where to put this. A new discussion would be a better choice.
  • @chrispyfur said: HI, sorry, I can't see where on the control panel you mean here? That was a URL to go to directly.
  • Hi Chris, what's checked under /role/defaultroles ?
  • @hgtonight I never noticed that. I believe the technical term for that is "half a feature".
  • @peregrine My immediate goal is to open source the .org repo and turn over issues like this to you guys. There are a few blockers I need to clear before that can happen (like private data that got committed).
  • @hgtonight said: Were you thinking* I see referenced in the settings controller? I see AddUpdateCheck gathering information, but I don't actually see any callbacks to .org beyond the feed gathering…
  • Got it. The code for that part of the site is horrifying. PS I accidentally posted that ^ as you while I was spoofed to test it out, my bad.
  • @bobc Howdy, you should contact a staff member or site administrator for HeatingHelp directly to get in touch with their Vanilla Forums support team. I'll make sure the team is aware in the meantime.
    in broken images Comment by Linc October 19