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Current version is 2.1.11, released 12 June.

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  • @chanh The code you have pasted is simply the new "definitions" list for Javascript to use. I don't see any actual problems in that code. Is it simply spitting out that code and nothing else during installation? Perhaps some screenshots or a screenc…
  • @piotr said: I've upgraded tot 2.2b1 and I have noticed that users have no role assigned after the upgrade. All my users have the role "Registered User", after the upgrade they have no role. What version did you upgrade from? Was it an impor…
  • These are the issues currently blocking us from making it to RC: I will be out of the office now until July 20. I'm blocking off time that week to see if we can get it all…
  • She really did use that image on me in chat. She stoops to any measures needed.
  • @rbrahmson said: OK, I understand. So going back to peregrine's loooong prediction list, based on your experiences, when would 2.2 get out of beta? There's currently only 1 announced discussion on this forum and it hold exactly this informat…
  • I'm not clear why you need to have docs running locally. They are all in Markdown - use an editor like MacDown to edit them.
  • @hgtonight said: The biggest problem with documentation is keeping it updated. It'd be great to see more folks sending PRs to the docs repo: (the source of
  • @ozonorojo said: That was quick. What's next? Somebody with write access has to merge that and upload it to the hosting server, right? Yup. Done. Gold stars for everyone!
  • @hgtonight I'm not 100% certain, but I think SaveToConfig('Repo.Community.Head', file_get_contents( PATH_ROOT.'/.git/refs/heads/master'); on utility/update would be close enough. If @Tim is feeling super generous and wants to tell me a sane way to h…
  • Repo is at: commit 232b1ec50c37b84cdbc4d2e3d1c65f291d898f83 Merge: fe5e8f3 3e5a1bc Author: Lincoln Russell Date: Tue Jun 9 15:07:42 2015 -0400 Merge pull request #30 from hgtonight/hotfix/no-more-forking Remove github fork ribbon
  • @Adrian said: I tried a new add-on and it failed. But the key is that existing addons continue to allow uploads for new versions. That means it isn't the upload mechanism / server, it's something about the pathing in the code for new addons.…
  • @jobbatam said: waiting For divine intervention?
  • I just did a massive refactor on the community repo (spacening etc) so if you're gonna play in there, pull first.
  • Are you all waiting on me to do it? Kinda defeats the point of open source if it's still 1 guy's job to do the work. I don't even see indication anyone's isolated the problem to a single scenario; I had to go test it myself to know if all uploading …
  • @orangesmasher221 said: Well I was just wondering because my mobile theme got messed up with this version. What does "messed up" mean? What's your current config value for Garden.MobileTheme? What version did you upgrade from? Did you foll…
  • @Simeon_Griggs said: Sorry, I don't know the bug filing process outside of asking here on the forum. That CSS fix totally did it though. I've filed this issue:
  • @orangesmasher221 said: Maybe I just didn't notice it before... But is this "Mobile Theme" thing a new addition? Because I am having some issues setting the mobile theme from the config. It's always existed. Start a new discussion for help.
  • @Simeon_Griggs said: Did Deleting PM's on mobile devices get fixed? Where is that bug filed?
  • Minimum. I'd check your PHP error log next; that link takes me to a blank page. Start a new discussion to troubleshoot further.
  • @Dr_Sommer Did you use the new .htaccess file? What version of Apache are you using?
  • @hgtonight said: Pretty sure this is spam. Gotta be the world's worst spam to not even have a URL in it.
  • I would try re-uploading 2.1.11 and verify that files are being overwritten correctly. All of those Notice-level errors should not be present either. It's normal for PHP to report errors using the stdClass construct rather than the proper class nam…
  • Updated first post to indicate that you cannot downgrade after moving to 2.2 because of password hashing. You'd need to reset the password of any account that logs in under 2.2 to go back to 2.1.
  • Tyler is building a teleportation addon for Vanilla? Now that's impressive.
  • Methinks your server doesn't have write access to your config anymore.
  • @R_J said: Filed a PR Thanks! I ported it to the 2.2 branch too.
  • @R_J said: Can you say anything about the progress of the code change? We're done with the sweeping change for now. Fix 'em as you find 'em in code you change.
  • Here's some of what's new in 2.2: Add Advanced Editor (HTML5 full drag-and-drop WYSIWYG) & remove cleditor. Add Emoji and an Emoji Extender addon to create your own sets. Add Google+ SSO. Add Composer support (not present in download - GitHub…
  • As far as the schedule for this cycle, I plan to release either b2 or rc1 the week of June 29 (in ~2 weeks). I hope for a gold release the second half of July. This cycle is focused on fixing significant, user-facing issues. The GitHub tracker has …