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Shadowdare · π · Moderator

Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!


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  • Just added in the article categories drop-down menu to the module. It works with the Embed Friendly theme, too. Stay tuned for the next release!
  • I don't have anything to import WordPress posts over to Articles yet. I don't have any plans to build one myself anytime soon. If anyone has something built or is working on something now, feel free to share. Speaking of this, would it be cool to b…
  • Thanks for trying out the Basic Pages application, @DSX! Thanks to everyone else for helping out @DSX!
  • This looks awesome, @businessdad! I'll look into extending Post Scheduler for articles, too.
  • @cnpark70 said: I am running on embed friendly theme. Was wondering if you are going to implement dropdown menu compatible for embed friendly theme? Sure. The drop-down categories menu is the feature I'm working on next. I'll be sure to …
  • Thank you for trying out the Articles app! After you upload an image, a link should appear below it saying "Insert into Post." You just have to click on this and the link for the image will be added to the body text box as text.
  • Would this work for the Article Categories for now?
  • The Articles application doesn't use namespaces like how the Yaga application for the localization at the moment (e.g. Yaga.Badge.Add); however, text in the Articles application can still be localized. If you have only one language for your website…
  • @plr15 said: Bleistivt Thanks so much. That fixed it. Is there any way to edit my question to remove the link? I've removed the link in your last post for you.
  • Which text from the Articles menu would you like to change?
  • I like the idea of adding an articles categories index and I'll implement it when I get some time. Your drop-down menu for the categories idea is nice, too! In the development version of the app, I've recently added a module for the sidebar that l…
  • Thank you for trying the Articles application! There is no page listing for the article categories at the moment. Would you like to still be able to access the main articles index or redirect requests to that page to the categories listing permane…
  • Nice catch, @R_J! The NamedParameter() method should remove hyphens and only allow alphanumeric characters and underscores to match PHP PDO's implementation. If we keep it so UrlCode's can have hyphens and other special characters, then code would …
  • Hello and thank you for trying Basic Pages! You've found a bug. The error occurs because PermissionModel fails at defining/saving a new permission with hyphens and probably other non-alphanumeric characters as well. @R_J originally contributed this…
  • I recommend the No Captcha ReCaptcha plugin by @x00. I use it in conjunction with the Akismet plugin, the Stop Forum Spam plugin, and a modified version of the BotStop plugin, and have only received little to no spam registrations since.
  • @hgtonight, that blog looks great! It's a nice example of how the Articles application can be used for a blog.
  • If changes you make to the config.php file directly and to your theme's default.master.tpl file don't take effect after you save them, it's probably because there is some sort of caching on your server. You don't have to delete the Smarty cache fol…
  • Check out this discussion for an example of how to include the Garden framework outside of the Vanilla directory:
  • You can update past user joined activity headlines by running this SQL command: UPDATE GDN_Activity SET HeadlineFormat = "{ActivityUserID,You} joined2." WHERE HeadlineFormat = "{ActivityUserID,You} joined.";
  • You can remove the activity link from the main menu by removing {activity_link} from your theme's /views/default.master.tpl file. To hide the activity link on the profile menu, add this config line to /conf/config.php: $Configuration['Garden']['Pr…
  • $Definition['HeadlineFormat.Registration'] should work, but it will only be applied to new activity postings since the headline is stored in the database. See:…
  • Welcome to the community, @mingoo! Some developers here usually do development on plugins and applications starting at a minimum of $100 per project, and, in some cases, lower than that depending on the size of the project. You may also PM develop…
  • I'm not able to look at the code in detail right now, but could it be a bug that can be fixed in the FileUploaded event in imageupload.js, @hgtonight?
  • Well, that's one kind of social reaction. That reaction could be added next to the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons on social media posts and YouTube videos. Was that reaction directed towards everyone as in "my typewriter can write Vanilla in fa…
    in Icon ? Comment by Shadowdare March 30
  • Didn't notice that it was an abstract class, @x00. Thanks for the tip! I'll try to develop a Redis cache layer and see how it works out.
  • @Skisma, sorry, I didn't know the cause of the problem earlier. Good answer, @vrijvlinder! I recommend giving the oEmbed plugin a try and see how it works out for you. Here is a list of supported providers for the Essence library:…
  • It seems that Redis can basically replace Memcached entirely in practice because it's more robust and actively developed, while having more functionality and still being able to do the same thing. Notable advantages it has over Memcached includes mo…
  • You're welcome, @YorkshireJamie! Glad you got it fixed! If you have any other questions about Vanilla, feel free to make a new discussion!
  • Thank you for trying out my plugin! This plugin makes the video embeds (not the theme) have a fluid width, so that they automatically resize to the width of their containers. This will work if you are using a theme that is responsive itself, but th…
  • Welcome to the community! What version of Vanilla was installed by Softaculous? Add $Configuration['Debug'] = TRUE; on a new line in the /conf/config.php file to enable error reporting and refresh the blank page to see the errors.