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  • @SammySwift Your approach is the wrong solution from the offset. Vanilla is designed a transportable framwork as self contianed system. If you really need to share folders the solution is to use symlink. However you reasons for doing this don't m…
  • @alishachris said: hello jspautsch i have tried all of the color themes but none seem to fit well to my reading. i want to the heading to remain green as it is on the NEXUS custom theme, but i would want the body to be lighter and the text/ch…
  • I hate to break it to you but it is myth that google thinks in terms of direcories. Google knows what any good server guy knows, that url schemes are not really reprentative of directories much of the time (do you really think there is a physical fi…
  • I doubt it will make to the core. Not that it isn't a great plugin, just it not in Vanilla's nature to include everything. If Vanilla was called Tuti-Fruti maybe. Vanilla is plugabble that is the whole point.
    in Excellent Plugin Comment by x00 May 19
  • @SammySwift said: There must be a line of code in Vanilla that is calling the pictures though as it is now uploading them fine. any system should be capable of calling on an accuratly located file surely? vanilla will create img urls schem…
  • Well it is fine if you can set up Sphinx, however this is very advanced and most don't have root server to install it.
  • The reason I want to run a sepaerate mobile version is that my desktop (version) header files do not work well in the auto-mobile version ??? you realise you can have a custom mobile theme?
  • I would avoid doing this. You could symlink the uploads directory. There is no actually point in relocating the upload directory anyway, you aren't protecting infrastructure. It won't display becuase a web framework don't control your server rules…
  • On a forums they tend to be many more post than on a blog, you really need something like Sphinx to handle the overhead. Doing it like the wordpress plugin would slow the site down because people would be posting more often. MySQL is not optimised …
  • Write descriptive titles so people can find the example.
    in Are I going crazy? Comment by x00 May 18
  • it may be in your cache folder.
    in Are I going crazy? Comment by x00 May 18
  • Sure but that is the default mobile theme, and boilerplate for traditional mobile themes.
  • I think that the default theme should go over the "mobile" one, because the potential damage of leaving "loose" DOM objets or miss some javascript code is worse than layout problems. Plugins have to be marked as mobile friendly.
  • You are going about this wrong way. The version is not going to prevent caching, and would only change when theme is update. Caching is a subject to server rules and the browsers ability to do it.
  • @test-vanilla this is something your host should sort out, it is not a vanilla issue. Also don't modify the core. If you want a workaround try this: add php_value auto_prepend_file alter_host.php to the top of your .htaccess file Then create a fi…
  • @test-vanilla this is detected, so it is likely a problem lower down. You need to ask you hosts to check how HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST is set. You can also check
  • Some social networks like twitter don't give out emails, for good reason. It is always worth registering an confirm the email separately, and better for the user. Facebok Connect is a login authority system, it is isn't an email verification service…
  • @VizionStudios don't start discussion like "SideBar help" be more descriptive with your titles, and you can leave out the word help, that goes without saying. More descriptive titles mean people will be able to find it later.
  • You can have as many roles as you like. What you do with the roles is up to you for instance. You can create your own css styles for those roles.
    in Multiple ranks Comment by x00 May 16
  • .Section-Category-events .MItem.Category a as stated it is the body class that give you that information. obviously on a discussions list you can encounter many categories, so category doesn’t figure in the body class. R_J answered the question in…
  • @vrijvlinder said: If you are going to post screenshots , do it of the whole source from where the body tag starts...posting a snip is insufficient. Screen shots of text are my pet hate. ~~~ [code goes here] ~~~
  • don't modify the core. What are you trying to style?
  • IP address are not displayed to guests. If you don't want your pages to be indexed by google that is something you can sort out by server rules and robots.txt If you don't want reCaptcha pick a different registration method. dashboard/settings/reg…
  • What is the actually question? You don't want google indexing your forum, or you don't want reCAPTCHA?
  • as R_J says you have a class you can use in body. You can use this as a parent of the element you want to style. The body classes can be quite useful.
  • Avoid custom classes. Never view override just to add classes (if that is what you are doing). This way of adding styling such as uncompiled boostrap, with classes added in views is bad idea. Vanilla expect certain classes (and other markup) to be…