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  • A UserID is kind of like a passport number, if you changed the whole person identity has changed.
  • @‌vrijvlinder he is talking about legitimate users. What ever you do back up first.
  • I agree with peregrine whole heartedly. Your template is relatively simple and clean. Best advice would be replicate the header and footer in vanilla theme, and don't embed. I only support embed with clients where the forum is a private community. …
  • please use the search first questions like this
  • @alisonstripling said: Okay I made possibly the goofiest error of all time. I typed my email address in wrong in the settings. That was the extent of the error. Yes, people, it was my fault to begin with. Totes embarrassing. Well, I have anothe…
  • You can create a custom post type which can be filtered.
  • I think the best option is to change questions back into discussion type.
  • This needs to be reported on the github page The solution should be something like if(GetValueR('Discussion.DiscussionID',$Sender)) { ... instead of if($Sender->Discussion->DiscussionID…
  • @vrijvlinder said: Does it count is the license info is in the about.php or default.php of a plugin or theme? Or does it need to be in it's own file ? What is preferable ? Does it matter ? Normally it is in a file with "license" or "c…
  • I wasn't quite accurate in saying that Asset can't have html, however really if you want to you that, you need to create a module and add a module to the Foot Asset. However if you are just doing something simple you might find it easier, just to i…
  • You must not remove the foot asset, becuase it contains the definition list.
  • Asset can be thought of spaces where Modules are loaded. Assets don't typically themselves have html. You can add modules to assets, and reorder them.
  • Note Apache
  • that is your choice, there are also a wealth of OS licenses out there in github the most popular OS licenses
  • I don't think defaulting to GPL, is a good solution for those "that don't care" about licensing. For one GPL is one of the more complex ideologically driven licenses, you better read it, and understand it. If it is appropriate for you then fain eno…
  • The ambiguity around licensing discretion and GPL side effects, prevented me from licensing properly in the first, place, and now I'm slowly working through making mostly MIT, but may do my own professional OS licenses too. What does select one mea…
  • I think having a or license.markdown or LICENSE.txt, etc should be sufficient. Otherwise you can ask the person. The gold standard, is no matter what a software does in terms of aiding development, nothing can automate adding licenses w…
  • depends what you mean you can display forum like this and like this You just set the default controller. Different themes have a more traditional look, such…
  • Bonk information is for debugging, which isn't really something that should be broadcast to anyone but the site owner. However I think the 'bonk' message itself is becoming a thing of the past. I would say more "intelligent" caching solution would …
    in List of weakness Comment by x00 April 5
  • Specific versioning would help, some you may wish to release more than one plugin depending on version or in other cases a single. There is no "tested with" option atm. From experience people often don't read. It would be good if they ware asked to…
  • for 24 hour use %H or %k
    in time 24h Comment by x00 April 2
  • read these
    in time 24h Comment by x00 April 2
  • don't use &$Sender object are already passed by reference in php just $Sender. using & is redundant, and will break in future versions. You need to select a view and you can place in the views folder of your theme, something has to call -&g…
  • gdn.definition is nothing to do with locale. it is a way of passing information to the client. In this case nothign being passed, so it is returning a default. On the controller you would set like so $Sender->AddDefinition('TagHint', T('TagHint…
  • @hgtonight said: This sounds like a bad idea. Having a single user table for multiple forums actually sounds like a good deal. I think splitting out the languages on a per category basis makes sense in this case. Still no mean feat. MyIs…
  • What you are asking for is essentially a multi-site, it see steep undertaking. It is not like wordpress got it right first time. The less messy thing to would be to have separate installations of vanilla, and a single single sign on. You would need…
  • @nawfreda said: did you get the solution ? if yes, please let me know. I got the same problem here. Well the answer to that is stated above, if indeed this is the same issue you need to upgrade to a stable version of php.
  • Biggest mistake people do is come up with with a solution, without properly considering the problem.